WWE: 5 Outlandish Predictions for the Night of Champions PPV

Cardiff Wanderer@@CardiffWandererCorrespondent IISeptember 15, 2012

WWE: 5 Outlandish Predictions for the Night of Champions PPV

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    Accurate predicting of WWE pay-per-views has become too easy in recent months. 

    Therefore the company should be praised for injecting some unpredictability into Night Of Champions, even if that is only in the form of a fatal-four-way for the Intercontinental championship.

    There is always a chance that the WWE will pull something out of the air that wows the most jaded fan.  

    This is a list of five highly unlikely but still possible occurrences that should excite every fan in the WWE Universe—even if that thrill is only for a moment.

John Cena Will Lose to CM Punk with an Assist from Brock Lesnar

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    As soon as CM Punk connected with Paul Heyman, the chances of Punk heading yet another faction multiplied significantly.  

    Punk has already headed two factions during his tenure with the WWE: The Straight Edge Society from late 2009 to Autumn 2010, and The New Nexus in the early part of 2011. The addition of Heyman gives this new group a legitimacy that Punk has never been able to achieve before.   

    Introducing the idea that Punk and Brock Lesnar have a working relationship through Heyman before an inevitable faction is put together would give the group an additional menace. 

    Considering that a faction lead by Heyman and Punk would be the biggest challenge WWE’s senior faces could possibly encounter, the additional concern of Lesnar’s possible involvement would have real impact.

    Several significant story threads, such as who will face The Rock at The Royal Rumble, how and if Triple H will return to the WWE, and whether John Cena can rise to the top once again will all be pulled together. These three faces will have one truly legitimate threat to compete against. 

    What this means for Night Of Champions is an F5 for Cena and the triumvirate of Heyman, Lesnar and Punk standing above WWE’s golden boy as the show goes off the air.

Cody Rhodes Will Force a Mask on The Miz

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    Cody Rhodes’ obsession with masks has been a constant throughout his burgeoning career. The son of Hall of Famer Dusty will go one step further and force a mask upon another wrestler at Night Of Champions.

    The move is a departure from his current desire to strip the mask from Sin Cara, but having the power to force a mask on a respected wrestler like Miz will add a new level of powerful insanity that should help Rhodes on the road to becoming one of the most feared heels in WWE.

    The power to manipulate another person’s image is something that has never really been explored in the modern WWE. With so much of wrestling as a whole being about the image portrayed to the world, it would make interesting subject matter and Rhodes is in a prime position to be the superstar who takes on that idea.

    More than anything else, if Cody Rhodes goes on to fulfill his full potential Night Of Champions will have a truly iconic moment.

AJ Bans the Cross Armbreaker

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    The idea of AJ Lee intervening in the World Heavyweight title clash between Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio may not sound greatly exciting, but the consequences could be incredibly far reaching.

    At Night Of Champions, the title match itself would be evened up as both men would have effectively lost their prime weapon. 

    This could make the match very interesting, although the power already bestowed upon Sheamus’s version of the Texas Cloverleaf may have forfeited the chance of something unique occurring between the two men.

    More importantly, it would lead AJ and Smackdown general manager Booker T onto a collision course. 

    Such a rivalry was initiated on Raw when Booker interrupted AJ when she was about to make a decision on Sheamus using the ‘banned’ Brogue Kick. A tweet showcasing her annoyance was released during the week, and this escalation in the power battle could only lead to the two authority figures vying for power which was the intention of the two opposing general managers in the first place.

    Therefore AJ banning the Cross Armbreaker or making any other intervention in the World Title match is potentially very interesting indeed.

Ryback Will Claim the United States Championship

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    Considering the scorn initially directed towards Ryback, it is amazing how well the Human Wrecking Ball has got over with the WWE universe.

    Night Of Champions is the event when the man formerly known as Skip Sheffield will take gold home for the first time, as he goes for the double victory in both the pre-show battle royal and then the United States Championship match with Antonio Cesaro.

    It has to be conceded that Ryback winning is not that outlandish, yet who would have ever thought that they would see thousands of people shout ‘feed me more’ to a newly crowned champion?

Dolph Ziggler Against Randy Orton Will Not Be Match of the Night

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    Over the past couple of years Dolph Ziggler has created a superb back-catalogue of standout performances. Randy Orton is another wrestler with a reputation for being one of the top workers in the WWE, so the two having a great match at Night Of Champions is almost considered to be a guarantee by most fans.

    Yet Night Of Champions may be the pay-per-view where all this expectation falls flat and the two men put on a substandard match.

    There are several influences that could cause this particular match to be disappointing. 

    The primary issue is fan expectation, as the two men could find it very difficult to live up to the hype surrounding them. Even if the match is considered a seven- or eight-star affair, it could disappoint those who believe this will be a "match of the year" candidate.

    Time constraints are another likely problem as this is the only match on the card not for a WWE title belt. There is a good chance that the match will be cut short. There is nothing the athletes can do about that, but it will hamper their chances of putting on a show-stopping performance.

    Finally, the feud does not have the intensity that warrants a ten-star match to be produced between them. Not at this time anyway. 

    Some matches cannot live up to the hype given to the athletes involved. Circumstances outside of the wrestler’s control and the fact that the intensity has yet to build in such a young feud indicate that this match will be unjustly considered poor. 

    However a good solid match with a controversial finish will continue the rivalry and potentially set up a great match for the future.