5 NBA Teams in Dire Need of a Uniform Change

Denim MillwardContributor IIISeptember 15, 2012

5 NBA Teams in Dire Need of a Uniform Change

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    What duds an NBA team wears may seem of secondary or tertiary importance at best, but a slick-looking jersey can have dramatic effects in regards to the perception of the team. 

    An upgrade from putrid to pizazz can do wonders for a team's confidence. Some teams' designs have simply run their course, too, and while not an aesthetic catastrophe, they need to be overhauled. 

    In the interest of full disclosure, I'm no Isaac Mizrahi or Tommy Hilfiger. To say I'm not 100 percent up-to-date with all the current fashion trends is like saying Dwight Howard's exit from Orlando was not quite ideal. 

    Nevertheless, here are five teams in the most dire need of new unis. 

Sacramento Kings

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    I'm not sure what Sacramento is trying to accomplish with the purple and black scheme. The two colors don't mesh well together, nor do they contrast starkly enough to help complete an interesting uniform.

    They kind of just make the Kings look like gigantic bruises.

    The white V under the arm and up the leg of their shorts also draws attention to the players' waists, for no discernible reason. 

    The Kings have a fairly rich and diverse uniform history, and would be better-served to come up with an homage to one of their earlier uniform designs. 

Charlotte Bobcats

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    While the 'Cats have tried to incorporate a shade of Carolina blue in recent years, the obvious move is to just shamelessly rip off UNC's color scheme and uniform design with a few minor changes to tie in the Bobcat mascot. 

    Instead, Charlotte trots out atrocities like the one seen above. 

    The time is ideal for Charlotte to completely change its uniforms if major changes to the franchise—including possible relocation—are going to be made. Why not completely overhaul the uniform to signify the "new" Bobcats?

Washington Wizards

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    The asymmetry of the Wizards' jerseys absolutely makes me cringe.

    Washington's relatively new duds are meant to be a nod to the old Washington Bullets jerseys. So, why don't you just change your name back to the Bullets?

    It's like the Wizards are having an identity crisis, and this abomination of a uniform is the result. 

Oklahoma City Thunder

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    As amazing as Oklahoma City has been the past few seasons, its home and road jerseys are both excruciatingly boring.

    The jerseys are void of any sizzle, instead relying on solid colors and basic lettering. This results in a snoozer of a uniform that is inversely proportional to the excitement of the team donning the jerseys. 

    A helpful suggestion would be incorporating an actual "Thunder" logo somewhere on the jersey, or some other homage to the state of Oklahoma. 

Philadelphia 76ers

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    Speaking of snoozers, Philly finishes out the list of teams with uninspiring, if not outright horrible jerseys. 

    The new 76ers jersey are colors, letters and numbers. That's it. 

    This is 2012! Where's the creativity? Where's the uniqueness?

    Where is ANYTHING that doesn't make these jerseys look like they were made for a rec league instead of the largest basketball association on the planet?

    There are plenty of colonial elements Philly could mix into its uniforms to liven them up a little bit.