WWE Top 5 Worst of the Week: Sheamus, Kane and More!

Andy SoucekFeatured ColumnistSeptember 16, 2012

WWE Top 5 Worst of the Week: Sheamus, Kane and More!

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    First things first, I’d like to wish a speedy recovery to Jerry “The King” Lawler.

    After seeing his Tout (the first time that thing has been useful!), it looks like he's doing much better and can hopefully rejoin the broadcast in no time.

    Raw on Monday was among the scariest hours of wrestling I’d ever seen. Michael Cole, Bret Hart, CM Punk and, yes, John Cena should be applauded for how they handled the rest of the show.

    In fact, that may have been one of the best promos I’d ever seen from Cena. By the end of the night, it was an afterthought though, which is completely understandable.

    Here we take a look at the other happenings on Raw and SmackDown. There was quite a bit to take in as WWE made their last push towards Night of Champions.

    Did they succeed? Did they fail? You'll have to read on to find out. Here is WWE's Top 5 Worst Moments of the Week for September 9-15.


5. Night of Champions Thrown Together

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    Before Monday’s show, there were only four advertised matches for NOC.

    Considering there are six titles, it should have been a priority to advertise the entire card further in advance.

    First off, the tag title match was switched on Raw, when we found out it would be Kane and Daniel Bryan taking on the tag champs instead of the Primetime Players.

    The Intercontinental and US Title matches were question marks until two days before the show. That's 33 percent of the matches being unadvertised.

    The Miz gets a four-way match, and we still don't know who Cesaro will face. In fact, we were only told on Smackdown who two of the men in the battle royal are going to be.

    Is WWE having trouble finding people who would even bother trying to fight for the U.S. Title?

    With an extra hour of Raw every week, it should be easy enough to tell us who's going to be wrestling on the upcoming pay-per-view. Apparently they may need another hour to try and squeeze that in.

4. The Champions Suck

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    Unless your name is Sheamus or Layla, it was a bad week to be a champion.

    Kofi lost to Kane in just over two minutes. Miz lost twice this week. Antonio Cesaro lost a tag match and was beat down by Brodus Clay. And the WWE Champion, CM Punk, got laid out by Bret Hart after John Cena destroyed him on the mic.

    If WWE is trying to make their champions seem legitimate heading into Night of Champions, they failed pretty spectacularly.

    Sometimes matches just don’t need to be booked.

    A good example of this is any match where the Intercontinental and U.S. champion are booked to lose. For some reason this has happened quite often lately.

    Why should we care who wins the secondary titles when the men who have them lose so often?

    Night of Champions is the name of the next pay-per-view. The titles should be protected heading into that show, to make it seem like winning a title is a big deal.

    As an aside, the heels overall had a pretty lousy week, going 3-10 against the faces.

    Aren't people supposed to pay to see their heroes get revenge at the pay-per-view? Instead they're paying to see the face beat up on the heel again.

3. Brogue Kick Ban

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    Sheamus has won his last four televised matches using the Texas Cloverleaf. So why does it matter that he can’t use the Brogue kick anymore?

    At this point, the Cloverleaf is 100 percent effective in finishing a match. Those are some pretty good odds.

    He looks like he’s doing just fine without it as his regular finisher. I guess the only question is whether he’ll get mad enough at Del Rio at the pay-per-view and use the Brogue kick in the match.

    But why can’t Sheamus just use a different finishing move? The Celtic Cross worked just fine for him before.

    What about Hogan’s big boot, would he get disqualified for that? How about a Stunner? The Torture Rack? Sliced Bread No. 2?

2. Kane and the "Rotting Eviscerated Corpse" of Daniel Bryan

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    After Lawler collapsed on Raw, it left the audience wondering if we would get an update hearing that The King had died.

    It was impossible to get wrapped up in the storylines again.

    As WWE was dealing with a real life crisis backstage, they cut to a segment with Kane, Daniel Bryan and Dr. Shelby.

    Fans probably weren’t in the mood for comedy, but as they say, the show must go on.

    Kane and Bryan began to argue, and Kane made a comment about Bryan’s body becoming a  “rotting eviscerated corpse.”

    If it was live (which it appeared to be), it was an unfortunate line. If it was a pre-tape, it would have been nice had that not aired.

    With fans not knowing the fate of Jerry Lawler's life, it wasn’t a good moment to be talking about death in a backstage comedy segment.

    Kane shouldn't be blamed for what he said. It was a slip.

    It was unfortunate, but considering the surreal nature of what was going on in real life, I can't imagine anyone trying to play their role as if nothing had happened.

    Mistakes happen, but it was still a bad moment.

1. Sheamus and His Lawyer

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    They said it couldn't be done.

    They said no one could be lamer than Santino. No one would possibly replace Santino's record of three weeks in a row at the top on the Worst of the Week.

    It was the Cal Ripken Jr. of wrestling streaks.

    Finally, it ended.

    Let's be fair, though, Santino didn't appear this week, so Sheamus got to run away with the award.

    Sheamus does double duty this week on the list. After watching his skit on Raw, he may have hit a new low. It was the Kindergarten Cop of wrestling skits, mainly because it sucked.

    First of all, the whole segment was really overproduced. They filmed it multiple times, as there were a variety of camera angles for coverage. It was an unnatural feel for a wrestling show.

    Sheamus, as usual, had a few of his comedy gems:

    "If you're Lipschitz, what does your arse do?"

    "Swear? I"ll be happy too!"

    To top it off, his "si senor" in a stereotypical Mexican accent line came off as a bit racist.

    And lastly, he kicked a woman's camera for no reason. (At the beginning of the sketch she was right behind the camera, so I'm not sure how he avoided injuring her as well.)

    Sheamus has his week of glory for now, but it will be interesting to see if Santino can get his bad act together and reclaim his spot at No. 1.


    Well, that's all for this week. Agree? Disagree? Did anything worse happen? Sound off below!