Sergio Martinez vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr: Youth Will Be Deciding Factor in Fight

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Sergio Martinez vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr: Youth Will Be Deciding Factor in Fight
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Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach once said, "In youth we learn; in age we understand." Youth can be the downfall of any great athlete because of that learning curve.

Youth will be the downfall for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. when he fights Sergio Martinez Saturday night on HBO PPV.

Chavez Jr. may be the stronger fighter of the two, he may have more power, but he is not the more experienced fighter.

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Martinez has participated in 53 fights compared to Chavez Jr.'s 47. Martinez has been around the sport much longer than his opponent, since he is 11 years older.

With his experience, Martinez must realize that he can't play Chavez Jr.'s game. He can't allow his mouth and attitude to determine how he participates in the fight.

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Martinez is already an aggressive boxer who will come out swinging, and sometimes he gets into trouble with that approach. What he can't do is be overly aggressive—so aggressive that it opens up the possibility of counter-punches from Chavez Jr.

However, he also can't come out too soft because that just may give Chavez Jr. the confidence going forward in the fight. When you're a younger fighter who is as confident as Chavez Jr., all it takes is a little extra confidence during a fight to reach the pinnacle of your performance. 

A confident fighter is a dangerous fighter, especially when that person is as talented as Chavez Jr. It's on Martinez to make sure he doesn't give Chavez Jr. confidence by not fighting his style. 


Martinez wins via decision. 

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