Knicks Rumors: Why New York Should Bring Back Tracy McGrady

Ciaran Gowan@@CiaranGowanContributor IIISeptember 15, 2012

Knicks Rumors: Why New York Should Bring Back Tracy McGrady

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    The New York Knicks' search for veteran role players continues.

    After signing a bevy of older players including Jason Kidd, Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas this offseason, it looks like there could be yet another veteran acquisition in the works.

    According to The New York Times, the Knicks recently worked out Tracy McGrady, who played for the team for a short while back in 2010.

    McGrady had somewhat of a revival in his last stint with the Knicks, and though a boatload of injuries have obviously limited his game, there are still some advantages that signing McGrady again could bring for the Knicks.

He's Cheap

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    At this point in the offseason—having made all of their major signings—the Knicks are just looking for cheap bodies to fill out the back-end of the roster, and salary-wise, Tracy McGrady absolutely fits the bill.

    McGrady is hardly the most coveted player on the free-agent market, and this will drive his already low price right down to the veteran's minimum, which is all the Knicks have to spend anyway.

    Bringing in a player as old as he is, especially considering his injury history, is never going to be a no-brainer, but the fact that he would be paid so little greatly reduces any risk from the Knicks' point of view.

    Signing McGrady would in no way be a commitment to having him on the opening night roster, as he would join the likes of Chris Copeland, John Shurna and Chris Smith in fighting for a roster spot in camp.

Another Veteran Presence

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    The Knicks have made it a point to bring in tested veterans this offseason, in an attempt to boost the team's overall maturity and leadership.

    Tracy McGrady is yet another tested veteran who knows a thing or two about playing in big games, and though he won't necessarily be a big part of the rotation, he can certainly provide a lot of knowledge off the court.

    As far as coming up in the clutch, McGrady has been there and done that, which will really help the Knicks down the stretch.

    The seven-time All-Star has a lot that he can teach a player like Carmelo Anthony, especially when it comes to distributing the basketball.

    One thing that McGrady doesn't have is a ring, and as he comes towards the end of his career, he'll be looking to win the championship that injuries stopped him from getting earlier in his career.

    In order to be a title-contender, every single player on the team needs to be motivated to win it all, and this definitely applies to T-Mac.

For Old Time's Sake

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    Though it isn't necessarily going to help on the court, it's always nice to bring back players for a title-run after they gave their all for the blue and orange during some of their worse times.

    Tracy McGrady only played 24 games for the Knicks in 2010, but in those games he did a lot more than was expected of him, and started to earn the adoration of the Garden crowd.

    Bringing McGrady back would almost be like a reward for having persevered through the bad times, and the signing would have a lot of sentimental value to both parties.

    McGrady is not an All-Time Knicks great by any means, but there's still no denying that it would be nice to see him back in a Knicks uniform.

The Knicks Could Use Another Swingman

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    Looking at it from a purely basketball perspective, the Knicks could still use some extra depth on the wing, especially considering the injury that will keep Iman Shumpert out until at least January.

    Ronnie Brewer was signed to cover for Shumpert until then, but even he will miss the bulk of the preseason with injury, and this should send a warning to the Knicks that they don't have quite enough depth.

    Considering his ability to play as both a shooting guard and small forward, McGrady could be that extra body the Knicks need, and would act as insurance if Brewer or J.R. Smith was to miss time during the regular season.

    As a small forward, McGrady could also prove himself more useful than say James White, at the very least, and he may actually end up as the most well-rounded forward on the Knicks' bench if signed.

    Steve Novak will obviously be used as a three-point shooter, but if the Knicks are also looking for someone to provide a bit more than that behind Carmelo Anthony, T-Mac could be their man.