WWE Night of Champions 2012 Matches: Upsets on the Horizon

Justin Welton@JustinWeltonAnalyst IISeptember 15, 2012

WWE Night of Champions 2012 will go down on Sunday, Sept. 16. With a full card of action, there are only a few potential upsets I could see happening.

Here are three upsets on the horizon: 

Alberto Del Rio Defeats Sheamus

No brogue kick for Sheamus equals his demise against Alberto Del Rio. Although Sheamus has shown the ability to use the Texas Cloverleaf, not being able to use his brogue kick will be the reason why he loses the title.

Regardless of who wins, neither of these superstars intrigues me very much. I understand Sheamus as world champion much more than Del Rio because he can do it in the ring both talking and performing, but I still don't get overly excited for either.

The WWE is known for going against the grain with some of its story lines and outcomes. This will be one of those times. 

Kane and Daniel Bryan Defeat R-Truth and Kofi Kingston

The tag team division has been putrid over the past few years. We haven't seen anything close to what we saw in the 90s and early 2000s. 

That needs to change, and it could change if the WWE plays this correctly. 

Kane and Daniel Bryan aren't your normal tag team combination, but they are mainstream superstars right now in the WWE. People love their skits and they love seeing them perform together.

Why not take advantage of that popularity? Why not use these two superstars to make something of your tag team division? Having these two superstars hold gold for a good amount of time while developing other tag teams along the way is the right way to go. 

It only makes sense. Hopefully, the WWE takes this route because wrestling was at its best when the tag team division meant something.

CM Punk defeats John Cena

Do you consider CM Punk the underdog? I'd say going up against John Cena automatically makes you the underdog seeing how his win percentage is ridiculous.

Punk needs to maintain the title in order to build up future events. He has recently turned heel so why have him lose and go down the ladder?

We have seen how great of a heel he can be in the WWE, so the company needs to maintain his momentum because it has worked to perfection. 

Continuing his lengthy title reign would be the appropriate decision to make.