WWE's Michael Cole Turns Face: Vince McMahon Can't Be Happy

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistSeptember 14, 2012

What a face turn for Michael Cole.

Taking into consideration how WWE doesn't have much depth when it comes to faces, Michael Cole might now be considerably ranked.

Michael Cole did a wonderful job getting through the scare that was Jerry Lawler's heart attack on live television.

It wasn't a typical face turn, or planned, but because of how well Cole handled things, you can't expect the audience to treat him like a heel anymore.

Cole spent much of 2010 and 2011 as one of the company's most disliked heels.

The critiques of him being terrible and the cries for needing Jim Ross to return grew to an all-time high.

Cole watched his colleagues' heart attack happen and then had to inform the audience of what was going on. Cole was as classy and professional as anyone could imagine being in that horrific situation.

Michael Cole is now a face. It obviously wasn't planned, because it's coming off of a real-life scare. I'll be interested to see how WWE handles this as Cole has risen to success being the voice of Vince McMahon.

The Jim Ross bashing, the making fun of Daniel Bryan when he first came in on NXT, the love for The Miz―all opinions and from the voice of McMahon.

McMahon could use Cole as both his voice to appease his verbal fetishes as well as for making him into a somewhat profitable heel.

I hope WWE doesn't ever do Cole's heel gimmick again. It was overplayed in the first place. Now that the audience got to see the most genuine, concerned side of the man, roll with the respect.

Assuming Lawler is going to be away from commentary at least for a few weeks, maybe more, then bring in a good color commentator that can be a heel.

There is a reason why for so many years the play-by-play guy was the straight face and the color guy was a heel―because it worked.

The heel traditionally will lead a wrestling match. The face should lead the match's commentary.

Let's get back to that!

On a side note from heels, faces and Cole, imagine how long of a standing ovation Jerry Lawler is going to get when he returns to WWE television. I had doubts earlier in the week, but after seeing his Tout video, I have no more doubt.

When? We'll have to wait and see. It's worth pointing out that WWE is in Memphis in the middle of October.

Whenever he returns, it will be a goosebump kind of moment and I know I'll smile the first time I hear a classic cheesy Jerry Lawler joke.