Nicklas Bendtner Gets His Revenge

Andrew WhittakerCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2009

After a series of less impressive displays, Nicklas Bendtner was surprisingly granted a spot in the starting 11 Tuesday night, against relegation guaranteed West Bromwich Albion. 

The big Dane was geared up from the beginning, and he already scored his first goal in the fourth minute of the high paced match. After beating a couple of defenders, Bendtner's coolly placed shot, ended in the back of Scott Carson's goal.

Terrific peace of skill from the Dane, who has been much criticised lately for his nonchalant approach to the game. He has, amongst others, received some harsh criticism from every big newspaper in the country.

After Brunt, and thereafter Kolo Toure scored, Bendtner got the last goal on the scoringline with a brilliant goal, just before half-time.

During the second half, Bendtner continued his approach and made a terrific pass for  Arshavin, only to see the newcomer fire the ball into an easy save from Scott Carson.

A few minutes after, he tried to reproduce his first goal, but he saw his shot bounce of the post to deny him his first professional hattrick.  

Pictures of him in pink underwear have been put on one of the countries biggest newspapers, and therefore the revenge he got against WBA, must have tasted even sweeter, than otherwise. 

Even though he has shown great potential ever since his arrival in the Arsenal first team, he has been the butt end of condemnation from fellow players, supporters and journalists alike.

Maybe his pink boots have enhanced the comical image that people have acquired of him in the last year or so. 

However, one of the best footballers on the planet, and French icon, Franck Ribery has played in, and advertised for the same boots, and has never had to put up with unfair criticism as a result of it.

Nicklas Bendtner however, seems to take the blame for Arsenal's poor season, as if he has been awarded with as many starts as the two main strikers.

In fact, Bendtner has only started 11 league games this season, and has scored an acceptable five goals now. Compared to Adebayor's 20 starts and eight goals, and Robin van Persie's 20 starts and nine goals, his record actually claims him to be the most efficient of the three.

But Bendnter's goaltally is not the only thing speaking for his place in the starting lineup. His ability with the ball is in my opinion, definetely better than both Van Persie's and Adebayor's.

Any Arsenal supporter who saw the game against WBA, will speak for his abilities and agree that they outshone every other player on the pitch.

A boy of only 21 years of age and with such potential as him, must be recognized and appreciated more than what he is at the moment.

I, for one, would love to see him start every one of Arsenal's games. Especially if he is in the form he was in against WBA.  


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