Former MLB Player Gabe Kapler Takes Autographs into Digital Age

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 14, 2012

What makes an autograph special?

Is it the waiting in line to get a glimpse of your sports hero and having him greet you and sign in person?

Hardly, because many buy their autographs second hand from a specialty shop or online, never having seen pen put to ball or jersey. 

Is it the knowledge that ink touched some sort of article that can be draped from a wall or stuck in a cabinet? Well, that sentiment is being put to the test. 

CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports on a company called EGraphs, founded by former MLB journeyman Gabe Kapler.

They sell autographs, but not the kinds you might be used to. For prices that range from $25 to $100, fans can buy a digital autograph and a voice recording from their favorite sports star. 

In the video, Jose Bautista walks the reporter through the process which seems as easy as picking up a pen and signing a bat and ball. 

The added incentive for the fan is a voice recording and a modern way to appreciate their heroes. But there is still the conundrum of whether this is still an autograph. 

While most pick up memorabilia from online stores anyway, the tactile experience of actually meeting a player in person may have already been lost to most. 

While this will never replace the classic method, it's interesting to think where we are headed. 

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