NCAA Tournament: Five Must-See First Round Games

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NCAA Tournament: Five Must-See First Round Games

I wrote this piece for The Big Lead, but why not spread the know? Here ya go…

One of the things that makes a blank bracket so beautiful is those first matchups that you peek at on Sunday night. How will this game turn out? Oh, jeez, I don’t even know WHO to take in this one. Sometimes you can allow yourself to be tricked by a mere number next a team’s name. While everyone will want to talk snubs, let’s look at those who DID get in, what games are the five most intriguing matchups in the first two days…

Midwest: No. 6 USC vs. No. 11 Kansas State. You know why. With so much sex appeal, figure this game to be put in primetime for sure. You’ve got the freshman phenom factor with OJ Mayo and Michael Beasley, so everyone should be dialed in. USC’s got plenty of flare factor with Davon Jefferson and Daniel Hackett. Meanwhile, don’t forget about the fact that Kansas State has been struggling, losing five of its last seven games. (You could also make a reasonable argument that USC should be a 5 seed.) Beasley won’t be alone, as Bill Walker can really drop some jaws from time-to-time. Regardless, we’ve got some serious television draw with this one. Can Beasley single-handedly push the Wildcats? Will this begin a possible Elite 8 run for the Trojans? (more…)

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