A Quarterback to Save A.P.

Mark JohnsonContributor IMarch 3, 2009

When hearing about the Minnesota Vikings, people think about two things immediately: arguably the best in the business, and arguably the worsted in the business, the former being Adrian Peterson and the ladder being the quarterback position. Interesting enough, if the Vikings don't fix the ladder soon, the former may be gone.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about Adrian signing with another team. What I am talking about is a career ending injury. If you watched the actually games played by the Minnesota Viking's last year and not just the highlights, you probably saw a lot of Adrian Peterson getting up slowly after getting tackled by all eight men in the box on every play.

With all eyes on Peterson, his running style, and eight guys starting less than 10 yards away from him, how can we expect Adrian Peterson to go even two more seasons unhurt? Thank God Minnesota has Chestor Taylor back there to take some of the load off.

We do not just want a quarterback, we need a quarterback.

With Berrian, Rice and Wade out wide, and someone such as Jay Cutler (Who is said to be off the trading market) playing quarterback, the Defense can no longer play eight men in the box. Breaking it down to 7 or 6 offers far more space for Adrian Peterson to work to the outside and take the lighter hits.

Minnesota needs a quarterback in 2009 and the front office should be cutting any reasonable deal to acquire one.