How Beating Michigan Will Help Notre Dame Recruit 4-Star RB Khalfani Muhammad

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 14, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Notre Dame could get a boost in its recruitment of 4-star running back (according to Rivals) Khalfani Muhammad if it can get a big win over the Michigan Wolverines during his official visit to the school.

Jason Sapp of is reporting that Muhammad will be in attendance to watch the Fighting Irish take on the Wolverines on September 22nd:

In fact, the nation’s No. 15 all-purpose running back and No. 48 prospect in California will be seeing Notre Dame sooner rather than later, as he has been added to the impressive visitor list for the Michigan game on Sept. 22.

“My dad worked on setting it all up and we wanted to find a good game to go to out there, so I’ll be taking my official visit next weekend,” Muhammad said of his plans to watch the Irish host the Wolverines. “It will be my first visit out there. I’m looking forward to seeing if I get the same type of vibe watching them at home and get a feeling for the crowd. I’m pumped about seeing the locker room and taking it all in, and checking out the school.”

Sometimes the best way to win over a recruit is to allow him to see how emotional and fascinating a game-day experience can be at your campus, especially a game-day win.

There are not many bigger games on Notre Dame's schedule than its annual clash with the Michigan Wolverines, so this is a perfect game for Muhammad to attend.

The Fighting Irish can offer recruits a lot of football history. They are one of the more prestigious football schools in the nation, and they have a great game-day experience. What they don't have, as of late, is a lot of relevance in the national championship scene.

Notre Dame has been a program struggling to win the big games, but a win over the rival Wolverines in South Bend would be a huge jump-start in the right direction. With Muhammad in attendance to see that, it could be that emotional boost he needs to sway him to commit.

Brian Kelly has a great 2013 class lined up, especially defensively, and the school's new partial membership to the ACC should add a recruiting boost for future classes. Things are looking up for the Irish, and if they can bring in the speedy running back—he runs a 4.40, according to 247Sports—then the future will be much brighter.

Sapp reports that Muhammad is planning other visits even if his trip to South Bend goes well, so it's going to be important for the Irish to make a lasting impression.

A big win over their rivals, the Michigan Wolverines, would help do just that.

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