Parkour and Craziest Sports from Around the World

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The typical American sports fan usually sticks to the top leagues: NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.  Here at BR5, we decided to sample some new athletic competition, and we found some of the craziest “sports” out there.  So here are the top-five craziest, sexiest and downright weirdest athletic contests mankind has come up with.  Just in case you need a change of pace.

Take one part volleyball, with one part soccer, throw in some kung fu and you have our No. 5 crazy sport, the exciting game of Sepak Takraw.  Apparently, a simple game of volleyball wasn’t enough in Asia.  We’ll give them a hand for creating a sport with amazing highlight reels. 

Our No. 4 sport is Parkour.  A mixture of free-running, jumping and leaping from obstacle to obstacle.  No scores or standings to look out for, but some exciting moves are good enough, which made it a viral hit on YouTube. 

Moto Polo at No. 3 is an insane sport taking over East Africa.  This sport combines single-cylinder engines, mallets and beer, a perfect combo for any thrill-seeker.  The game is played in quarters, with a “beer’s worth” break in between.  This fast-paced and highly dangerous game has the makings of a sport that can catch on anywhere. 

Lingerie Football combines the excitement of football with scantily clad women, clearly developed from the dreams of any man.  Fans watch for the hottest players—more than for the best players—putting this game at No. 2.

At No. 1, we have the Finnish sport of Wife Carrying.  It simply involves hoisting up one's bride and running through an obstacle course.  So ladies, chivalry is not dead.  It can be found in Finland.

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