Odds Vanderbilt Beats Out Alabama for 4-Star ATH Greg Taboada

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIISeptember 14, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

The Vanderbilt Commodores shouldn't be able to beat Alabama on the field, and their luck is not going to be much different when it comes to trying to out-recruit the Crimson Tide for 4-star athlete Greg Taboada.

247Sports.com has Alabama on top of Taboada's interest list right now and they've made an offer, but Vanderbilt is right behind. It appears as if both schools would like him to play tight end. So, what exactly are the chances of Vandy being able to pull off a huge recruiting upset?

Don't get too excited Commodores fans, I don't see them being that great.

The one thing the Commodores may have going for them is the fact that Alabama already has a 5-star tight end commit in O.J. Howard, and another in 4-star Josh McNeil. With two tight ends already committed to Alabama for 2013 it would seem like Vanderbilt would be the better option, as they only have one tight end committed in 3-star Nathan Macus.

While it may seem that way, according to this quote via Kipp Adams of ESPN.com, 'Bama's dept chart doesn't seem to phase Taboada:

“I know they have two tight ends committed right now, but I do not really follow recruiting too much,” Taboada said. “When I went there on a visit they were showing me some film and they usually had two tight ends on the field, and sometimes three. Maybe someone gets hurt, maybe someone switches positions, and maybe I beat them out. For me, it is not a factor.”

You can tell a lot about a football player by the way they look at competition and from this quote it's rather obvious that Taboada is a competitor. Having to fight for a spot against two other players doesn't seem to be an issue for him.

In my eyes, I see this kind of player picking the program which will allow him to experience more wins, which is Alabama without a doubt.

Competitors can't stand losing, and that's something Alabama does not do a lot of. Meanwhile, Vanderbilt is 0-2 on this 2012 season and at the bottom of an SEC East Division that features the likes of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The road to becoming a contender in that division of the SEC, let alone the SEC as a whole, is going to be a tough one for Vanderbilt. If Taboada chooses Alabama, he'll already be part of a contender for not only the SEC crown, but for the National Championship on a yearly basis.

That, plus the fact that Saban does like using multiple tight end sets—often times using one as an H-back—should give the Crimson Tide the advantage over Vanderbilt.

This should be an easy decision for Taboada. I think he's gonna roll with the Tide.

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