Should the New York Jets Trade Tim Tebow NOW?

Josh ZerkleChief Writer IIISeptember 14, 2012

Most of us expected Tim Tebow to start at quarterback for the New York Jets at some point. Logic suggested that a Mark Sanchez implosion was inevitable, and that the Florida product would step in and send America into another frenzy of Tebowmania.

However, Sanchez flipped the script and lit up the Buffalo Bills in Week 1, suggesting that Gang Green's concerns at quarterback might have been exaggerated. 

But today, this report emerged from the New York Daily News, citing "one NFL source" that says Tebow would "absolutely" request a trade if his current role with the team is not expanded. Tebow was used sparingly in "Wildcat" goal-line packages against Buffalo, and he didn't throw a single pass.

Should the New York Jets just look to trade Tim Tebow now? 

Granted, "one NFL source" could be anybody, as this anonymous individual didn't express any legitimate insider information. With that said, could it be Tebow himself, or someone in his circle, voicing displeasure with his reduced role? And if Tebow did want to be traded, who would take him anyway?

Would there be any takers at all for a quarterback that can't play quarterback?

I'll kick this can around in my latest NFL video debate. Check out my thoughts in the clip above, and leave your own opinion in the comments. Thanks for watching.