Search For Two Missing NFL Players Called Off

Matt ConstantCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2009

Saturday seemed like a normal day for two NFL football players and their two friends. A long day of relaxation and fishing to calm the nerves. Sadly, it was interrupted by tragedy.

Two NFL football players, Corey Smith and Marquis Cooper, along with their two friends (former University of South Florida football player's Will Bleakley and Nick Schuyler,) never returned Saturday night and concerned family members notified the authorities.

It was discovered that their boat was overturned in the rough waters and the men got seperated. Schuyler was found after two days of searching, clinging to the overturned 21-foot boat.

The other men have yet to be found, and the search will be called off at sundown.

Living in the Gulf area, I can tell you the water is cold and it was very rough over the weekend.

There were thoughts of hypothermia getting to the men, as it can be deadly at this time of the year.

Hopefully they are found and brought home.