NFL Picks Week 2: 4 Running Backs Who Are Ready to Explode

Tyler HixsonContributor IIISeptember 14, 2012

NFL Picks Week 2: 4 Running Backs Who Are Ready to Explode

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    NFL Week 1 is in the books, and we saw some good and bad performances in the running game.

    For every Stevan Ridley—who exploded on the Tennessee Titans for 125 yards—there was a Chris Johnson, who was limited to just four. 

    Nothing captures the rapt attention of the casual NFL fan like a 50-yard run up the middle from an explosive, powerful running back.

    In these following slides, let's take a look at some NFL RBs who will have monster performances this weekend. 

    Don't blink. 

Darren McFadden, Oakland Raiders

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    There's no question that Darren McFadden is one of the best running backs in the league, but last weekend, the San Diego Chargers did a great job of shutting him out (at least on the ground).

    McFadden ran for only 32 yards.

    He was a much bigger threat as a receiver, catching 13 balls for 86 yards. 

    The Raiders' next game is away against the Miami Dolphins, who look just as awful as ever. Therefore, McFadden should have a field day against a flimsy Dolphins defense. 

    A total of 120 yards on the ground, 56 yards in the air and two TDs sounds about right. 

Trent Richardson, Cleveland Browns

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    There was a lot of hype around Trent Richardson coming into the season, and he quenched our thirst for his hard running style with this hit on Philadelphia Eagles safety Kurt Coleman.

    With that being said, T-Rich only ran for 39 yards in his NFL debut. 

    This weekend, the Cleveland Browns meet the Cincinnati Bengals, who had an equally bad—if not worse—start to the season last weekend.

    Cincinnati did a pretty good job of stopping Ray Rice, but will have a hard time containing Richardson's raw power.

    T-Rich will get his first NFL touchdown on the ground on Sunday. 

Steven Jackson, St. Louis Rams

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    The Detroit Lions were ready for Steven Jackson last Sunday, limiting the veteran running back to only 53 yards.

    Despite the setback, Jackson—who hits the hole hard and often—is still a punishing back for the St. Louis Rams.

    Sunday's opponents are Robert Griffin III and the Washington Redskins. RG3 had a really impressive debut, beating the New Orleans Saints at home 40-32.

    St. Louis will probably still lose this game, since Sam Bradford still isn't the quarterback he should be, but it won't be because of a lack of a running game.

    Jackson will get close to 100 yards—97, perhaps—and snag a touchdown along the way. 

Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans

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    No one needs to have a good rushing game more than Chris Johnson.

    Johnson, who was a 2,000-yard-plus rusher a few seasons ago, was limited to just four yards on 11 carries against the New England Patriots in Week 1.

    That is, the same Patriots that had a downright awful defense last season.

    Jake Locker had 11 rushing yards on two carries.

    The Titans take on the San Diego Chargers on Sunday. The Chargers did a great job of shutting down Darren McFadden, but it remains to be seen if they can keep their run defense up. 

    If anything, Johnson will improve upon his four rushing yards on the season.