How LSU Can Wow 4-Star DT Justin Manning During Official Visit

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIISeptember 14, 2012


LSU has a very big opportunity to make a great impression with 4-star defensive tackle Justin Manning when he takes his official visit to watch the Tigers take on the South Carolina Gamecocks in a few weeks.

William Weathers of is reporting that Manning will take an official visit to LSU, and that he holds the Tigers in high regard:

Manning said defensive line coach Brick Haley is recruiting him for the LSU staff and taken notice of the third-ranked Tigers 2-0 start to the new season.

"I'm taking a visit there because it's LSU," Manning said. "It's the best school in the SEC. I had no choice but to make them one of my officials."

LSU could really use a player of Manning's caliber on their 2013 class. He's got good size at 6'2'', 275 pounds and he's got great football speed. He plays with low pad level and has a quick first burst off the line of scrimmage playing the 3-technique. He also possesses a good variety of moves that help him get off the block. He can take on double teams, rip between them and still make the play.

There's simply not a lot this guy can't do from the defensive tackle position.

Here's how the Tigers can reel him in.

Manning will be at a huge game for LSU, as South Carolina is definitely one of the premier teams in the SEC. They also possess one of the premier running backs in the country in Marcus Lattimore, and therein lies the key to attracting a big-time defensive tackle recruit like Manning.

The Tigers are going to have to shut Lattimore down if they really want to impress Manning on the defensive side in the ball. He's a great run-stopper himself, so watching LSU hinder a star running back like Lattimore could really sway him over.

Lattimore is a big, physical runner that can pound it through the A-gaps or break outside with his speed for a big run. Shutting him down would be extremely impressive to most recruits, let alone a defensive tackle with the run-stopping capabilities of Manning.

Manning would be a big commit for Les Miles to get for 2013 and this is the perfect game for Manning to be at. If the Tigers defensive front can get into South Carolina's backfield and slow down or stop Lattimore, they'd be really showcasing what they have to offer, and what a player like Manning could do himself on their defense.


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