5 Most Influential Cleats in World Football History

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIISeptember 15, 2012

5 Most Influential Cleats in World Football History

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    World football has seen a variety of boots that have all played an important part in the game.

    The boots on list are important because of the influence they have had on the products that followed them.

    Whether it's overall style and quality, or various smaller adjustments, these boots have had an impact on what the professionals—and those of who aren't in that category—wear while playing the beautiful game.

    In no particular order, here are the five most influential cleats in world football history.

Adidas Predator

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    When it was released in 1994 the Adidas Predator was the pinnacle of football boot technology.

    Made with kangaroo leather for a comfortable feel, the design and style of the boot enabled players to have more control over their actions with ball.

    The little blocks you see at the top of the boot were key to this increase in control and are still common in the Predator line.

Nike Mercurial Mark One

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    When it was introduced in 1998, the Nike Mercurial Mark One became the first in a great line of boots from Nike.

    Ronaldo, the Fenomeno, was the first and only player to wear the boot. (h/t inside.nike.com)

    This boot started a major trend towards the lightweight and speed-related boots we see today.

Adidas F50

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    The Adidas F50 line was introduced in 2004 and was noted for the flap that covered the laces, giving players a smoother surface area with which to hit the ball.

    There wasn't much else to the boot, but it did start a long line of customizable boots like the T-Unit series and had other manufacturers trying to find ways to offset their laces in some way.

Nike Air Zoom III Total 90

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    The Nike Total 90 line was the company's first move into power boots and while the original version was released in 2000, the Air Zoom III Total 90 really stepped things up.

    This boot was designed to be completely comfortable throughout a 90-minute match and provide a quality and stable product. Nike's special touches throughout the boot made it one of the best of its time.(h/t soccerbible.com)

Mizuno Wave Cup

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    Rivaldo was the key player to wear this boot and made good use of it during his time on the pitch.

    The Mizuno Wave Cup was released in 2002 and was as comfortable and lightweight as many of the top boots during that time.

    What made this boot stand out was the configuration of the studs and the sole plates which then became something of the standard for future boots of both Mizuno and other manufacturers. (h/t soccerbible.com)