Red Sox Spring Training: M*A*S*H Reincarnated

Russ PayneContributor IMarch 3, 2009

You can hear the music from MASH playing in the Red Sox Infirmary...I mean locker room, as one player after another comes in for more rehabilitation.

Is it too early to call Theo and say I told ya so?

Free Agent Brad Penny signed for $5 million after being shut down all of Sep. 2008. He is scratched from his first live game on Thursday because guessed it, shoulder problems.

JD Drew sent back to Boston for back problems. Going to get an injection, and then what? He's seen more of Hawkeye than Lt. Dish or Hotlips. 

Kotsay and Smoltz are not available until at least May, as they continue to recoup from offseason surgeries and/or rehabilitation.

Lowell, Ortiz, Baldelli, and Wakefield are available, but just how healthy are they this year?

This doen't even include Varitek, who has barely played this spring.

Thank God Theo said no to Pedro Martinez trying to come back to Boston after all of the arm problems he has had. Then again, I wonder why he said no to Pedro, but signed Penney?

I still love my Red Sox, but it's starting to look like a long, hot summer ahead. Sounds like it may be time to see what's been growing in Pawtuckett and give those youngsters a shot at the Bigs. It can't be any worse then the MASH unit we have assembled in spring training.