NBA's Worst Starters at Each Position

No NameAnalyst ISeptember 13, 2012

NBA's Worst Starters at Each Position

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    With so many super teams today, it seems you need to have a star at every position if you want to win.

    Look at the starters in Miami, Oklahoma City and Los Angeles, and try to pick out the weakest link. That player is still arguably a top-ten player at his position.

    It's easy to look at each team and decide who their best player is. It's not hard to pick out the best six men, either. Sure, we love to give props to good players and guys that don't get enough recognition sometimes.

    What about the others?

    There are some teams in the league that have only average talent at some starting positions. Whether it's because another player is leaving or someone is recovering from an injury, these guys are going to be "starters" when the season kicks off next month.

    Unfortunately for their teams, they represent holes that will need to be filled as soon as possible.

Point Guard: Greivis Vasquez (Hornets)

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    There is no doubt Greivis Vasquez was on a roll at the end of last season.

    The Hornets were a team still in flux, and nobody knew where they were headed. The 6'6" guard was a bright spot for a city that saw its star point guard head to the City of Angels.

    Despite his success late last year, he averaged only 8.9 points and 5.4 assists per game. His shooting was okay at 43 percent from the floor, but his defense proved that it still needed work.

    Playing alongside a healthy Eric Gordon and Austin Rivers, his numbers should be better. Then again, with the additions of Anthony Davis and Ryan Anderson, you have to wonder what his role on this team will be.

    Rivers isn't a natural point guard, so Vasquez should still be the starter early in the season. His minutes will probably go down from 26 per game last year, as the Hornets will want to see how Rivers and Gordon play together.

    Runner-up: Brandon Knight (Pistons)

Shooting Guard: Alexey Shved (Timberwolves)

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    The Timberwolves will be a much improved team next year, but they do have a hole here at the shooting guard position. Alexey Shved and Malcolm Lee are the only two listed on the roster, but we know Brandon Roy will likely fill this spot later on in the season.

    For now, Roy will likely see limited minutes early in the season off the bench. That leaves the likely starting spot to Shved, a 23-year-old rookie from Russia.

    While it will take him some time to get used to the NBA game, Shved is no chump. He scored 25 points to lead the Russian National Team over Argentina to win the bronze medal in this summer's Olympic Games.

    Runner-up: Daniel Gibson (Cavaliers)

Small Forward: Kyle Korver (Hawks)

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    Joe Johnson may have left town, but the Atlanta Hawks still have plenty of talent on their roster. It seems they have a weak spot at the small forward position, though.

    They have two new players in Kyle Korver and DeShawn Stevenson. All signs point to Korver starting to begin the season, as Stevenson is recovering from injuries after a regrettable season.

    We know Korver can shoot, but what else does he give you?

    He is more of a liability on the floor when you consider he is going to be matched against guys like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony.

    He already can’t play defense, and if he isn’t hitting his shots, he’s useless.

    Last year he only averaged 8.1 points, 1.7 assists and 2.4 rebounds per game. The 31-year-old shot 43 percent from the floor last season in 65 games.

    Runner-up: Mike Dunleavy (Bucks)

Power Forward: Patrick Patterson (Rockets)

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    The Houston Rockets are a complete mess.

    Ever since they began moving players this summer in a mad scramble to acquire Dwight Howard, they have been a team with no clear direction. They currently have 19 players on their roster, and despite five of them being listed at the power forward position, none of them look too good.

    ESPN has Patrick Patterson listed as the starter at the position right now. Royce White could be something special and will likely emerge as a very good player, but the rookie is still undersized for the position.

    Patterson's career numbers in the league are modest at best, scoring seven points per game and grabbing four rebounds per contest.

    The Rockets are going to be making a lot of roster moves this season, so the position isn't his yet. He is at the top of the depth chart right now, earning him the spot on this list.

    Runner-up: Carlos Boozer (Bulls)

Center: Gustavo Ayon (Magic)

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    Obviously, losing a player like Dwight Howard will leave a gaping hole at the center position for any franchise.

    Unfortunately for Orlando, the only three centers they have on their roster are Gustavo Ayon, Nikola Vucevic and Kyle O'Quinn. Saying there will be a drop-off in production at center this year would be the equivalent of making the understatement of the decade.

    ESPN has Ayon listed as the starter, which should be the case.

    Last year the 27-year old rookie played 54 games for the New Orleans Hornets. He played 20 minutes per game, averaging 5.9 points, 4.9 rebounds and 0.9 blocks per game. He's only a 62-percent free-throw shooter, but even that is a step up from Howard's last season.

    Still, Ayon will clearly be the worst starting center at the beginning of the season, and Orlando will need to address this situation early in the season, because he is obviously not the answer for them, or for anyone.

    Runner-up: Omer Asik (Rockets)