NCAA Tournament Projections and Seeding News

MrSEC DotComContributor IMarch 3, 2009

Who’s in and who’s out? 

When it comes to the SEC, the question doesn’t have many possible answers.

At least not right now.

As it appears today, LSU, Tennessee and South Carolina are all in… while either Kentucky or Florida appears to be out. 

Below are several national projections as of this Tuesday morning.

The Sporting News, Ryan Fagan

LSU — 5 seed
Tennessee — 8 seed
South Carolina — 10 seed
Florida — 12 seed
Kentucky — 12 seed

Sports Illustrated, Andy Glockner

LSU is listed as a lock.
South Carolina and Tennessee are listed as “should be in.”
Kentucky and Florida are described as “in the mix.”

Of those five teams, only four made it into Mr. Glockner’s latest bracket.

LSU — 5 seed, Midwest Region, vs Davidson in first round
Tennessee — 7 seed, South Region, vs Arizona in first round
South Carolina — 9 seed, West Region vs Wisconsin in first round
Kentucky — 12 seed, East Region, vs UCLA in first round

ESPN, Joe Lunardi, Bracketology

LSU — 5 seed, South Region, vs Providence in first round
Tennessee — 7 seed, East Region, vs Oklahoma State in first round
South Carolina — 9 seed, West Region, vs BYU in first round
Kentucky — 10 seed, Midwest Region, vs California in first round

Florida was apparently the last team to be cut from Mr. Lunardi’s bracket.