Rex Ryan & the Most Hated Coaches in Sports: BR5

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When things are going wrong for your team, sometimes it's just easier to blame it all on the coach. 

John Calipari is regarded as a fan favorite at the University of Kentucky, but when it comes to the rest of the country, not so much. Coach Cal has taken a lot of flak for his “one and done” style of coaching and recruiting. But, somehow he manages to stay one step ahead of getting NCAA sanctions.

Three Super Bowl titles and a career record that speaks for itself. You could say Bill Belichick knows a thing or two about winning, but when it comes to people outside New England, he's not really well-liked. Most notably people like to poke fun at his pretty boy quarterback and of course his alleged videotaping of opposing defensive coordinators signals in ‘07. Belichick said it was a mistake and was fined, but we doubt any Jets fans will be accepting the apology anytime soon...

Lane Kiffin was hated long before he won anything. Kiffin’s 5-15 record with the Raiders resulted in his getting fired, and in Al Davis calling him a liar and a disgrace to the organization. Then there was the mediocre year at Tennessee, during which he loudly accused other teams of NCAA violations and then left the team high and dry to run to Southern Cal, while allegedly stealing one of the Titans' coaches on his way out of town. Now at USC, Kiffin is finally winning. He seems to be staying put and has kept his mouth shut for the most part. 

Billy Gillispie, the Texas Tech basketball coach, has been getting a bad reputation for a while now. It all started with his paltry record with the University of Kentucky and Texas Tech. All the losses aside, Gillispie has been accused of abusing his players. He supposedly made players play with serious injuries and punished those who became injured themselves. Gillispie has been on an extended medical leave, but even his star player Jordan Tolbert has said,  “I don’t want to play for him if he comes back.”

Miami Marlins coach Ozzie Guillen has always been outspoken, but it hasn’t always helped his reputation with players and fans. It’s one thing to criticize your players, but when you’re weighing in on immigration issues, you should probably leave that to the politicians. The topper came when Oz voiced his support of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro this April. Guillen received a five-game suspension and the rage of the largely Cuban community. He can probably cross Miami off of his list of retirement destinations.

Rex Ryan loves attention, so he rarely turns down a chance to over-hype his Jets whenever there's a press conference. It’s almost become an annual tradition watching Ryan guaranteeing Super Bowl runs, but with the Jets continually under-performing and missing out on the big dance, it only gives non-Jets fans more to complain about. And we're sure with Tebow-mania hitting New York, it will give them even more to laugh at.

Bobby Valentine has done more harm than good in Boston. After bringing the Sox to dead last in the AL East, ripping on his players and even banning beer and fast food in the clubhouse, Bobby V has made no friends in Beantown. With talk of his firing mounting by the day, the only thing Bobby could do to be less popular would be to start coaching the Yankees...

Isiah Thomas was one of the best on the court, but when it comes to coaching, he probably still wishes he was in uniform. After less than stellar success with the Pacers for three seasons, Thomas really felt the fans' wrath when he was coaching the Knicks. Thomas had losing seasons in New York, followed by a laughable stint coaching for Florida International University, which most would consider more of a PR stunt. Now, it's being reported that Thomas may be in talks to re-enter the Knicks fold, but is afraid of the media backlash. If we were Isiah we'd be less worried about the media and more concerned about the fans that might riot if he returns.

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