Jim Schwartz and Jim Harbaugh Reunion: Post-Game 2

Drew CopleyCorrespondent IISeptember 13, 2012

Oct 16, 2011; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz (left) shakes hands with San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh at the end of the game at Ford Field. San Francisco 49ers defatted Detroit Lions 25-19. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber- US PRESSWIRE

After the 49ers defeated the Lions in the 2011 season, head coaches Jim Harbaugh and Jim Schwartz had a completely insane post-game scuffle. The game was over, yet every player was out on the field backing their coaches up who looked as though they were getting ready to fist-fight.

Harbaugh, emotionally excited from the hard-fought win, ran out to to the middle of the field for the post-game handshake with a fury. More of a hard slap than a shake, Schwartz was upset and this is when both coaches simultaneously ran off the field yelling expletives at each other as the benches cleared.

Of course it was all broken up, the media absolutely loved it, and now the following season is upon them. The hatchet has been buried, right? Well, that's not necessarily true.

The San Francisco 49ers will play host to the Detroit Lions on prime time national television as Sunday Night Football takes center stage in Week 2. Both teams coming off disappointing 2011 seasons, have started 1-0 this year and are looking for a playoff run once again.

Highly energized and highly vocalized head coaches, Schwartz and Harbaugh will be the focus after the final whistle has been blown. Will they settle their differences and move on? Or will they once again let their emotions get the best of them and once again cause an uproar?

You can count on one thing. The players in this game will battle each other out on the field. But the coaches might be the ones even more excited as they look to have the last laugh on the issue with a huge win.