Guinness Awards Largest Biceps in World to 'Human Popeye' Moustafa Ismail

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Moustafa Ismail is basically two giant biceps with a man attached to them. 

That might be the description you'd use if you caught the bodybuilder on the street, trying to aptly describe him later to friends. 

Guys, I saw these two arms walk down the street earlier. 

You would be correct. 

The video shows Egyptian-born bodybuilder Moustafa Ismail, whom Guinness World Records just anointed as the man with the biggest biceps. 

Those babies come in at 79 cm—or 31 inches. Coincidentally, this is the same size that it takes biceps to look completely and utterly ridiculous. 

According to The Guardian, his Popeye look isn't all due to hard work and exercise. It's also an extreme diet. 

Ismail packs away over six pounds of protein a day over the course of six meals. If anyone has ever been hungry enough to eat a horse, it might be our friend here. 

In the video, he clearly states that you too can get buff like him—you just need to commit to six meals a day, if you have the time. 

Well, Ismail, I am taking you up on your offer and will now cut back from the nine times I find myself in the kitchen to a mere six. I await my gigantic biceps patiently. 

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