I Hate NFL Overtime

BIG MContributor IMarch 3, 2009

The season statred and no one could have predicted that the Indianapolis Colts were 3-4. Normally by this time they are 7-0 and already have a two game lead in the tough AFC south division.

Then the Colts went on an amazing run winning the last nine games of the year and most importantly winning the AFC wildcard to make the playoffs. After all that they lose in overtime in the first round to the San Diego Chargers.

I was mad in the first place that we went to overtime. I hate the way the NFL does there overtime. It is all based on luck. A simple coin filp determines an important game.

The NFL schould consider using College football's overtime method. I like the fact that both teams get the ball. It makes the game what it's all about...scoring touchdowns.

Granted I know that the Colts game ended with Darren Sporles scoring the game winning touchdown, but if the chargers had kicked a field goal to win that would have been devastating.

To the people that say if you want the ball your defense has to stop the other teams offense. well I say your team hasn't lost in overtime and the offense didn't even touch the ball.

I mean a good kickoff return can put in into field goal range and then that's pretty much all she wrote. It never happens were there is a blocked field goal at the end of the game.

Football is a game that is built on scoring touchdowns not kicking field goals. College football has it right on this issue for overtime. I love old school football, but on this issue new school is right.