What Notre Dame Must Pitch to USC Commit Max Redfield to Change His Mind

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIISeptember 13, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Nothing is official until that pen hits the paper on National Signing Day, so there is a chance a school like Notre Dame can get a huge prospect in 4-star safety and current USC commit Max Redfield.

According to Scott Schrader of 247Sports.com, Redfield feels strongly about USC, but he's still going to take a few visits, Notre Dame being one of them:

Elite ATH Max Redfield says his commitment to USC is solid and he can't think of anything that would change his plan on being a future Trojan, but he will take official visits to others schools. USC will be his final official visit.

“I'm looking to visit Notre Dame, Washington and LSU as well," said Redfield. "I don’t have any dates, I’m talking to coaches to figure out official dates. I may take a visit during our bye week (10/2), but I won't take any visits until our season is over. Nothing is more important than our team."

Later in Schrader's report, Redfield did say that Notre Dame was still making a strong push for him, so is a visit the potential opening Brian Kelly and the Irish need to sway him away from USC?

Frankly, it depends on what they sell to him.

What's the biggest thing USC has going for them right now? They are currently the No. 2 team in the AP Poll and many consider them to be a favorite to win the National Championship this season.

There's not an elite football recruit in the country that doesn't dream of holding up the trophy and being on the best team in the land, and it's the biggest selling point any program could have.

Notre Dame has the tradition, the fanbase and the prestige, but do they have a chance of being a national contender?

I'm sure they do in Kelly's eyes, but he's got to get Redfield to see that same vision during his trip.

He's got to point to his 2013 recruiting class and all the talent he's bringing into the program.

He's got to sell the fact that he's building a dominant defense with 5-star outside linebacker Jaylon Smith on board, and that if Redfield comes to play safety for the Irish, there are plenty of big plays to be made. Having a guy like Smith on the edge will put a ton of pressure on the running game and quarterback, which in turn will make life easier for the safety to make big plays.

Kelly has to put it into Redfield's mind that he can be that big-play safety for the Fighting Irish.

He can be an integral part of Notre Dame's epic turnaround. Kelly may be able to sway Redfield if he sells the perfect merger of Notre Dame's tradition and prestige with the opportunity to be a champion. Not only would Redfield be a champion though, he'd be one of the centerpieces of a team that brought a championship back to a school and fanbase that has been desperate for one for years.

Redfield has a chance to be not just a champion, but a hero. Nay, he could become a legend at Notre Dame.

Or, he can be just another good defender to play at USC and maybe win a championship.

That's the pitch right there, and if it's executed well by Kelly and the Irish, perhaps they can steal a big USC commit away from Southern California.

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