Recruits in ACC Territory That Notre Dame Must Lock Down

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 13, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Now that Notre Dame is going to be part of the ACCwell except for footballthe Fighting Irish find themselves in a very good position when it comes to recruiting players in ACC territory.

Even though football will still remain independent, the move comes with a stipulation that will require Notre Dame to play five ACC schools every season.

Yesterday I wrote about how the ACC move will help the Irish, but today it's time to take it a step further.

Brian Kelly's 2013 class is already pretty solid, but getting a few more quality commits would really shore things up. Notre Dame must lock down these ACC territory recruits now that they have this new-found advantage:

MacKensie Alexander: 4-Star CB, Immokalee, FL.

The Irish need to add some depth to their defensive secondary and finding corner or two for the 2013 class is a must for Notre Dame.

Alexander is high on their list according to 247Sports, and Notre Dame is first on his. This switch to the ACC should really seal the deal for the Fighting Irish, or at the very least they should use it as a pitch to try to seal the deal with the corner.

With more road trips to ACC territory now a given, Kelly can pitch Alexander on having games closer to his home, which makes it easier for family and friends to visit.

The need for a corner is desperate, so this is the perfect move for Notre Dame.

Jordan Cunningham: 4-Star WR, Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Jordan Cunningham is a 6'3'' 175 pound wideout with unlimited potential, and according to, Notre Dame is in his top six, and the playing field is pretty even:

Lastly, the 6-foot-3, 175-pounder confirmed that Oklahoma State, Stanford, Alabama, Notre Dame, Miami, and Florida State are the six schools he is most focused on at this point although nobody stands out at the moment.

"Everyone in the top six is pretty even," he said.

Perhaps this tie-in with the ACC is just what the Fighting Irish need to steer the wideout from Florida away from the rest of this other options though. They can still offer something close to the ACC schedule Miami or Florida State would give him, but with the national prestige of an Alabama and the academics of Stanford.

If they can prove to him that their offense would give him as much opportunity to shine as a program like Oklahoma State would, I believe they can win the talented wide receiver over.

He's the kind of player that could really solidify Kelly's 2013 class, as he does not have a playmaker with his skill or size in it just yet.

Doug Randolph: 4-Star OLB, Woodberry Forest, VA. (Verbal Commitment)

Doug Randolph has already decommited once, when he said goodbye to Stanford and hello to Notre Dame, and distance was apparently a factor. While South Bend is certainly closer than Stanford, it's not as close as a few of the ACC schools near the top of his list.

With a player that has deccomited before there is always the fear that he can do it again, and the Fighting Irish know all about getting the rugged pulled out from under them, but I believe Notre Dame locked his commitment down with the switch to the ACC.

Now he'll have the chance to play games even closer to home now that  the Irish have to play five ACC schools a year. This should solidify his commitment to Notre Dame.

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