School Visits Will Help 4-Star WR Jamil Kamara Choose SEC over ACC

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 13, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Choosing the SEC over the ACC should be a no-brainer for a top-notch college football recruit, right? Apparently that decision may not be as easy as you'd think for 2014 4-star wideout Jamil Kamara.

According to Jamie Oakes of, Kamara feels pretty good about Virginia after another visit to watch the Cavaliers:

First of all, I liked what I saw from the offense and the stadium atmosphere. I liked seeing a lot of young guys on the field making plays too. I think what stood out was that I had so many friends down on the field playing for UVa. That's big.

That being said, Oakes also reports that the Cavaliers aren't the only team Kamara is interested in, and that he's planning on visiting other schools:

What's up next for Kamara?

"I want to get to North Carolina and N.C. State next. Later in the season, I want to get out to Notre Dame, Tennessee, and LSU."

It's great to see Virginia getting some attention from the 4-star recruit from Virginia Beach, VA. However, it's hard to imagine the SEC not jumping to the top of his list once he visits Tennessee and LSU—especially LSU.

Kamara is a great athlete and has the potential to be very good at the next level. He's got quick feet, runs good routes and has the leaping ability to go up and high-point the ball.

He's the kind of player that can really shine in the national spotlight and become one of the big names in college football. No offense to Virginia, but the Cavaliers wouldn't give him that chance, especially in comparison to what LSU and other SEC schools could offer.

The SEC provides a huge national spotlight, the chance to play against the best players in the country and a fantastic history of sending top-notch players to the NFL.

SEC schools also deliver an incredible gameday experience and rabid fanbases, and that's something Kamara will notice when he takes his visits.

This is not meant to be a knock against the ACC or Virginia, it's just that they don't come close in comparison.

Maybe the home-state team will prevail over the SEC, but I believe that Kamara will be swayed over to an SEC school during the course of his visits. He has a ton of ACC schools on top of his list right now (according to, but don't be surprised to see a school like LSU or even Tennessee jump up the list after he visits them.

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