WWE Night of Champions 2012 Results: The Miz Retains Intercontinental Title

Tim DanielsFeatured ColumnistSeptember 16, 2012

Courtesy: WWE.com
Courtesy: WWE.com

The Miz survived a fatal four-way match at Night of Champions to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship. The match also featured Cody Rhodes, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara, making it one of those most interesting battles on the card.

Miz originally won the belt on the 1,000th episode of Raw by defeating Christian. It came after he returned from filming a movie, so the WWE decided to work him back in slowly instead of throwing him right back into a crowded main-event picture.

Holding the mid-card title has helped Miz remain relevant while the WWE Championship storyline between CM Punk and John Cena plays itself out. There's no doubt he can hold his own at that level, so it's just about the opportunity becoming available.

Miz has now held the Intercontinental title for more than 50 days, and it wouldn't be a surprise to see him remain in that spot until a main-event position becomes available. At that point, he should receive a push toward the top.

While the future looks bright for Miz, the same can't be said for Rhodes based on recent booking. He had a long Intercontinental Championship reign starting last summer, but he wasn't able to parlay it into anything else.

He's had no general direction since dropping the title to the Big Show at WrestleMania despite another title run, and the loss at Night of Champions leaves him right back at square one.

With Chris Jericho gone, it appears Mysterio may have inherited his role as the reliable veteran jobber. During Jericho's latest WWE run he spent a lot of time in feuds, but rarely came out on the winning end if key matches.

The same might end up being true for Mysterio. He's a popular superstar who's over with the fans, especially the younger ones, but he doesn't appear to be in line for a title run right now. It's not a glamorous position, but it's important.

As for Sin Cara, he definitely attracts the youth audience like Mysterio, but the WWE has really scaled back the character after his original, overhyped debut. After a lot of botches early, he doesn't attempt nearly as many high-risk moves anymore.

Sin Cara still has a lot of promise, but his rise up the WWE ladder has been a lot slower than anticipated when he debuted. Getting to take part in a match like this should help him down the road, especially if the WWE officials were happy with his overall performance.

All told, Miz walks out of the match as the biggest winner and the Intercontinental champion.


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