Tami Hansbrough: Resignation Should Rightfully End Scandal

Jessica MarieCorrespondent IISeptember 13, 2012

Source: WSOCTV.com
Source: WSOCTV.com

Tami Hansbrough made the right choice in resigning from her position as a university fundraiser at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Now, any opportunity for her ridiculous behavior to negatively influence the reputations of her sons will be thwarted. Hopefully.

Last weekend, according to The News & Observer's Dan Kane, an internal investigation at UNC revealed that Hansbrough and chief fundraiser Matt Kupec—a former star quarterback for the Tar Heels—had "taken personal trips at the university's expense," as confirmed by Chancellor Holden Thorp.

There is one key reason that this story has become a scandal over the last few days: Hansbrough is the mother of former UNC All-American and current Indiana Pacer Tyler, as well as former Notre Dame point guard Ben.

According to Kane, Hansbrough and Kupec used university funds to travel to attend Ben's games. Hansbrough had reportedly engaged in similar behavior when Tyler was a student at UNC, according to ESPN.com's Robbi Pickeral, but that was acceptable because Hansbrough conducted fundraising activity for UNC during such trips.

Some of you may be thinking, Why should we care about this? It's just another university administrator (or two) doing something stupid and getting caught. And now that they have both since resigned, it's over.

But we do care about this because this woman's son is one of the greatest gifts to Tar Heels basketball ever. Because of that fact, the world is obligated to care. 

And because of that fact, Hansbrough had no choice but to resign and end this storyline as soon as possible.

She clearly should have resigned anyway, whether she was Tyler Hansbrough's mother or not. Her behavior was not only stupid, it was illegal. You don't travel for personal pleasure on your employer's dime; that's a rule. 

Why Hansbrough and Kupec thought they were above that rule remains to be seen, but in light of the investigation, they have no business continuing their careers at UNC.

It's not fair that Tyler Hansbrough has to deal with this mess, and it's not fair that it reflects poorly on him. It shouldn't, but the reality is that the connection has now been made, and it can't be un-made. He shouldn't have to pay for his mother's mistakes. It shouldn't be the case that whenever his name comes up, so too does this scandal.

In order to rectify this, the only option was for Tami Hansbrough to resign ASAP and hope that the story faded out along with her career at UNC. And in that sense, she did the right thing.

Now, the hope is that we can just pretend this never happened and go back to remembering Tyler Hansbrough's legacy at UNC for what it was.