WWE Revamp: How To Make ECW Watchable

David BowstonCorrespondent IMarch 3, 2009

OK lets start off with the basics...Nobody watches ECW.

When ECW first arrived to WWE, it had some of WWE's best talent on their show at the time, RVD, Big Show, Kurt Angle, and even Bobby Lashley. At first it didn't even seem as though it was part of WWE. Most of its matches were extreme, when they had slots for matches in PPV's, they were definitely extreme. But The Devil (Vince McMahon) sucked the soul, the passion, and the extremity out of ECW.

He took away their extreme matches, their talent left them, their tag titles as well as Television titles were taken away from them.

Now ECW is a bore fest, something you have on in the background when there is nothing else on.

But then Teddy Long became ECW's general manager and things started to pick up. Exciting young stars such as Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, Ricky Ortiz, and most recently Tyson Kidd were signed to the brand. We had a reason to watch, Jack Swagger's strength, Ricky Ortiz' charisma, Evan Bourne's high flying capabilities, and Tyson Kidd's...well Tyson Kidd is a reason all by himself.

Then we had the surprise of Christian debuting on ECW much to the shock of everyone. This was a great move by Vince and his team, it gave young superstars like Swagger the opportunity to work with an excellent, older, and more experienced wrestler. Someone to show them the ropes. But now even Christian has been brought down by the WWE hell, that is ECW.

Vince doesn't think he is a main event wrestler, so now Christian has to wrestle week in, week out on the one show in WWE nobody cares about anymore.

So what can he and the rest of ECW do to make it exciting? Here are just a few suggestions.

1. Evan Bourne - Evan is back in a matter of weeks, maybe even tonight and I will be glued to ECW from the day he comes back until the day he moves on. As you can probably tell I am a huge fan of Evan Bourne, and for good reason. His technical and aerial ability is amazing. His return should ignite a flame in the hearts of those who watch WWE because of the abilities. He can help draw some ratings back to ECW.

2. Another Title? - The ECW Championship is supposed to be the third most prestigious title in WWE. Personally I would rank it fifth behind US, Intercontinental, WWE, and World Heavyweight Championship.

Sure it is a great honor to win the title for those on the brand, but to those on the outside looking in, its nothing special. It should be. WWE could do two things here. First, Miz and Morrison are both ECW superstars and are tag champions. So have them wrestle on ECW, don't let them go and wrestle on other brands like SmackDown against the Colons. Make the Colons come to ECW.

Second, when it comes to a PPV, the ECW match is always first. Well that's not good enough for the third most prestigious championship in WWE, is it? At last years' Wrestlemania, the ECW match didn't even last a minute. With the upcoming draft, WWE could move a champion to ECW for example, bringing Punk back to ECW or even Shelton Benjamin would surely draw in more viewings.

3. New Superstars - I'm not talking new like Swagger, Bourne, Kidd. No, I'm talking new as in from other brands. There was very good article on B/R recently about main eventers wrestling each other too much, I agreed with this and my plan for WWE would be to kill two birds with one stone.

First, grab more viewers for ECW by putting main eventers on the show. Second, when they do actually wrestle at PPV's, it will be rare and more exciting because it isn't seen as much. Well, maybe not to main eventers to ECW, but maybe guys like Rey Mysterio, MVP, or even Kane could make the show more exciting. Plus with these more experienced guys up there, imagine how they could help the newer stars to progress.  The views ECW would receive from these guys would be massive.

4. Better Story lines - Last but not least, ECW needs a whole new revamp with story lines. OK, what do we have at the minute on ECW, Tommy Dreamer retiring? No that isn't until June/July. Jack Swagger vs Finlay and Hornswoggle? What? Was that even a feud? Jack Swagger vs Christian? Well there's been no real promo cuts between the two so that couldn't be a feud can it?

The answers to all those questions is, simply, there are no feuds. Personally I think a major feud between Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd would be amazing. It could be one that spans the whole way through their careers so when they finally get to the top we can all look back and say hmm. ECW needs something with a hook. Something with a catch. Something jaw dropping. Something....personal. Include something that people will be disgusted at, but won't want to miss.

But then again this is WWE's P.G. period. This means no extreme matches, no personal feuds, no Extreme Championship Wrestling, no "EC- DUB-YA EC- DUB-YA" just low ratings, boring matches, a title nobody cares about and barely a mention at any PPVs.

ECW will just be the place where superstars go to attempt to build their careers on let their careers unfold, we will never see the middle part, the best part of their careers.

ECW is WWE Hell.