20 Most Overbearing WAGs in Sports

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20 Most Overbearing WAGs in Sports
Image via Zimbio

Every time an athlete hooks up with yet another ridiculously hot girl that most of you boys would sever a limb just to have a shot with, it becomes an international story in a Hollywood minute—but that's only natural. When beloved—or loathed—professional athletes are hooking up with models, actresses or even VIP cocktail waitresses, we all need to know. 

It may seem like a fairy tale for a lot of these athletes, but there are only so many Gisele's and Adriana's to go around. You and I live and the real world, and in the real world statuesque goddesses aren't exactly the norm. There are plenty of athletes out there who are dating overbearing Plain Janes or gorgeous, but crazy, broads. 

It seems athletes are a little more like us that you probably thought. They have to sacrifice sanity for beauty or beauty for sanity. And don't think you're alone, boys, the same goes for women. A lot of the best looking men out there are a few bricks short of a load. 

Let's take a look at the 20 most overbearing WAGs in sports. 

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