Aaron Curry Will Go No. 1 to Lions

Rod HeffernContributor IMarch 3, 2009

After Detroit is done evaluating the top athletes in this draft, they will realize that a pick on the defensive side of the ball is the safest for them.

It would be a perfect world for Matthew Stafford or Mark Sanchez to be the best talent available for their top selection, but that isn't the case in 2009.

Another no-brainer choice would be Michael Crabtree, but then the new regime would fall into the Matt Millen world of drafting a WR first overall.

This won't look good to the Lions faithful, who want to clear the air of the Millen years and soften the stigma of going 0-16.

Aaron Curry is a proven leader and an athlete of Pro Bowl caliber that will pretty much garner favorable press after the selection is done and all of the pundits rate the quality of all the NFL GMs' picks.