FIFA 13: Examining the Various Modes in Retail Version of Game

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 13, 2012

image from EA Sports
image from EA Sports

FIFA 13 brings a few older modes back to gamers as well as a few new ones. The pick-up and play kickoff option is a mainstay, but it has been enhanced in a few ways.

It now allows gamers to play a match from that day's schedule with commentary that is relevant to the happenings in those clubs' leagues. You can even mirror the fixtures of a specific club with the Live Fixtures option.

The Games of the Week option gives you an option to play one of the top matches from around the globe. FIFA 13 also keeps track of player progression for the players involved. It can be an excellent way to blend the real world with your FIFA 13 experience.

Those are just the exhibition play options, here are the other modes that will be available in the retail version.


Ultimate Team

This virtual card-based twist on fantasy drafts returns again in FIFA 13. It is very popular amongst the FIFA community, as you can genuinely find an ode to the mode any given day on the Machinima Sports network.

This year you can get started before the game even releases by going here to set up details around your club. Essentially the mode blends card collecting, world football and fantasy draft concepts together.

These are three very addictive pastimes separately, and that explains why the mode has been successful.



According to the FIFA 13 demo, this is the most played mode in the series. It was formerly known as Head-to-Head Seasons, but now elements of co-op play have been added.

You and a friend can now team up in an attempt to ascend to Division 1. During the process you can add trophies, unlockables and other prizes to the new trophy cabinet.



Somewhat similar to Madden 13's Connected Careers this mode blends Manager Mode and Be a Pro into one mode. You can choose to go through the mode as a player with specific standards set by a manager.

You can also chose to play as a manager with full control over all actions with the club. For the first time this includes the option to accept job offers from national teams.

Be a Pro and Be a Goalkeeper have also returned separate from career mode.

This is essentially FIFA's version of a franchise mode, and it sounds like a solid experience. However, it would be nice if the option to be a player or manager could be blended in the same mode.


Pro Club Seasons 

This modes allows you to compete in seasonal play with your created virtual pro. You can actually compete in 11 vs. 11 gameplay with other players from around the world.

You can join a club and attempt to rise to Division 1 as a unit.

World football is one of the sports where a huge concept like this might be feasible to see at its peak.


Skill Games

FIFA 13 introduces Skills Games this year, and these are basically mini-games that help you with individual aspects of the full gameplay. The mini-games offer a nice diversion from traditional gameplay.

The games test your passing, shooting, penalty kick and free kick skills. Abbreviated versions of the Skills Games are included in the demo, and I've gotten a better handle on the shooting by playing them.


EA Sports Football Club

Through online play you can compete or team up with friends to level up your favorite clubs' reputation. Per EA Sports:

"Everything within the game, and against friends, is measured in a meaningful way."

You can build your own status and lift your club higher in the league tables by completing challenges and winning Football Club Credits. With the FCC you earn you can unlock items from the EA Sports Football Club Catalogue.

This is perfect for the fan who has a strong allegiance to one club. For a gamer like myself who gravitates to specific players' styles more than clubs, it isn't as appealing.


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