Window Of Opportunity Closing For Minnesota Vikings?

Jimmy Glenn@jglenn77Contributor IMarch 3, 2009

With arguably the NFL's best run defense over the past three years combined and the top rushing game in not only the history of the franchise, but in the NFL since the arrival of Adrian Peterson, the window for a possible Super Bowl run is closing on the Vikings due to one position that is impossible to ignore, the quarterback.

In three seasons with Minnesota, Jackson has enthusiastically proven on more than one occassion that it takes more a good athlete to be a QB. There have been countless QBs in the past that were above average athletically, but when it came to crunch time, they folded like a cheap lawn chair, and the last time I looked, TJack was a KMart special.

The acquisition of Sage Rosenfels from Houston shows at least a glint of awareness by Coach Brad Childress that maybe Jackson is not the future Donovan McNabb he so blatantly believed he was.

But his next step should not be the "competition" angle in the next training camp, but the admittance from Childress to the team that Jackson is not the guy and either turn the reins over to Rosenfels and move forward or concentrate on the possibility of acquiring Donovan McNabb.

With the direction Philadelphia has gone in the current offseason, rumors have risen that McNabb is no longer feeling the brotherly love in Philly. The team is in place right now if the addition of McNabb could be made, that the Vikings would instantly become the team to beat in the NFC.