4 NFL Players Every Gambling Aficionado Has to Love

Chris Trapasso@ChrisTrapassoAnalyst ISeptember 12, 2012

4 NFL Players Every Gambling Aficionado Has to Love

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    Gambling on the NFL is far from an exact science. One bounce or one coaching decision and the prop bet you were sure of ends up being a waste of 50 bucks. 

    You know, "Adrian Peterson was a lock to get to 100 yards rushing," but he didn't get any carries on the Minnesota Vikings' final drive. 

    That kind of thing.

    However, there are a few players who have to be favorites of gambling aficionados. 

    Let's take a look. 

David Akers

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    David Akers, field-goal kicker extraordinaire. 

    Sure, a guy like Sebastian Janikowski could have made this list, but Vegas expects Janikowski to kick a ton of field goals and essentially carry the Oakland Raiders offense. 

    That's not exactly the general sentiment regarding Akers, and he's certainly not thought of as a guy with a monstrous leg. 

    Actually, he booted nine field goals that were at least 50 yards away last season, and he bombed a 63-yarder against the Packers on Sunday. 

    With five straight years of 75 percent accuracy or better, Akers is a reliable spread-buster. 

Tom Brady

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    Brady's Patriots are favorites just about every time they step on the field, and obviously, they don't always cover the spread. 

    But, if there's one quarterback I'd pick to cover a 14-point spread, it's Mr. Brady. 

    In fact, New England's won 17 of its last 32 games by 10 points or more. 

    Vegas typically adjusts accordingly, and it's not easy to beat the oddsmakers, but Brady's another friend of football gamblers.  

Calvin Johnson

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    Calvin Johnson is an otherworldly talent, a receiver who's transcended the wideout position. 

    Vegas has caught on to his capability and often sets some lofty prop bets for him, but he's the type of player who can amass tremendous statistics every time he goes out on the field. 

    Remember when he reeled in two touchdowns in each of the Lions' first four games of 2011? 

    Sure you do. 

    Like Brady, he doesn't win his prop bets or lead Detroit to victory every week, but he's one receiver who has the ability to one-up Vegas and help the Lions offense score at will.

Ed Reed

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    Ed Reed, the ultimate spread-swinger. 

    He's arguably the best safety in the NFL and is a future Hall of Famer. Reed certainly doesn't return a pick for a touchdown every week, but he has seven career pick-sixes and 11 total scores in his career. 

    If there's one secondary member you must rely on to take the Ravens from winning a game by three to emerging victorious by 10, it's Mr. Reed. 

    At the very least, his ball-hawking prowess keeps opponents out of the end zone in crunch time.