NBA Free Agents 2012: Underrated Players Still on the Market

Benjamin J. Block@BenjaminBlock21Correspondent IISeptember 12, 2012

NBA Free Agents 2012: Underrated Players Still on the Market

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    The laundry list of NBA free agents that have been inked to deals is long, but there is still an extensive rolodex of underrated players still on the market.

    Every offseason, there are always free agents that remain unsigned that make you scratch your head.

    This free agency class has five diamonds in the rough that still don't have a team, and would be a great steal for any organization.

    Lets take a look at the top underrated free agents that General Manager's have overlooked to this point. 

Leandro Barbosa

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    As we head toward the middle of September, Leandro Barbosa, better known as the Brazilian blur, may be the most underrated free agent still unsigned.

    Most recently, Royce Young of reported that newest Laker Steve Nash wants his former Suns teammate Barbosa to join him in Los Angeles.

    Until that happens, Barbosa is being overlooked.

    He's the 2007 Sixth Man of the Year award winner, he's 29 years old, he's a double-digit scorer off the bench, he's still lightening fast, and his defensive prowess separates him from your normal bench player.

    He's never gotten his due in his nine years in the league—any team would be lucky to scoop him up.

Mickael Pietrus

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    Have teams around the league been paying attention to Mickael Pietrus during the past few years?

    Yes, he's unquestionably a streaky shooter, but he's also a huge energy spark off the bench. 

    He's had big moments in the playoffs as a member of the Orlando Magic and the Boston Celtics, so why wouldn't you want that kind of experience from a player?

    At 30 years old, he can still give a team 20 minutes. He is a career 43-percent shooter from the field, and a 36-percent three-point shooter.

Jonny Flynn

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    Jonny Flynn had the night of his life in that six-overtime game against UConn back in 2009, but he's having trouble finding work this offseason.

    In Flynn's three years in the NBA, he has bounced around to three different teams.

    He was drafted too high in the 2009 draft, and it appears that Flynn is destined to serve as a journeyman for the remainder of his NBA days.

    During his career thus far, he's averaged 9.2 points per game and 3.9 assists, so he's capable of being a solid backup point guard.

    His size will work against him for as long as he plays in the NBA, but he'd still bring value to any team. 

Matt Barnes

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    The volatile Matt Barnes is a free agent, but he's been on the move before, so it's not uncharted territory.

    Barnes' new team will be his ninth team in his 10th season. 

    According to this Sports Illustrated article by Sam Amick, Barnes could possibly return to the team he made his NBA debut with, the Los Angeles Clippers.

    Maybe his next new team could be an old team? For now, that is only speculation.

    Maybe Barnes is underrated because of his hot-head personality, but he has always been an energetic defender and a decent shooter.

    With the right coach and players, Barnes could be a nice addition.

Chris Andersen

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    "The Birdman" Chris Andersen is still on the market, and a lot of teams seem shy to pull the trigger on acquiring this wild talent.

    Here is a guy who has been underrated his entire NBA career, but is still around because of his defensive intensity.

    Maybe it's his off-the-court baggage or his tattoo image, but teams would be foolish to not employ his services. 

    He is scrappy and hard-nosed and would provide instant defense and rebounding for any NBA team. 

    It's hard to believe that he remains on the open market—a team can never have enough defense.