Chris Dudley Could've Saved the New York Knicks in '98

Jeff SacContributor IMarch 3, 2009

The 1997-'98 season will always be remembered by Knick fans as the season Patrick Ewing went down. After that, the fans assumed the franchise was going down, too.

It was the year the Knicks shouldn't have fought back, it was also the year Star Trek "Insurrection" came out and people were writing it off too. Well, Picard righted the (star)ship to a whopping $70 million box office and the yahoo movie raters gave it a B-.

My point is that the Knicks were written off and kept fighting. The thing is if they gave the rock to Chriis Dudley I believe they would've won a championship.

Chris Dudley was no wimp.  He he was 6'11" and 235 lbs of pure tautness. HE was known for his hitting the nightclubs as hard as he hit the gym. He always had a new lady on his knee caps when he came to practice.

Larry Johnson, once said, "Chris, I may have six illegitimate kids but, damn, you get all the classy girls." 

Chris just smiled and said, "Larry, like I tell the ladies, just give me a shot."

That's something Jeff Van Gundy wasn't willing to do. In 16.8 minutes per Dudley averaged 3.1 points and 5.4 rebounds. In 48 minutes he would be averaging almost 20 boards and who knows where his scoring would have went.

I believe over the course of that season he would've averaged 21 points 20.6 rebounds and 8.5 assists, not to mention, four blocks per game.

Chris Dudley was a treasure and we threw that opportunity away and the Knicks need to realize they could've struck gold that season.