SEC Schools Need to Get on Florida State's Level with 4-Star OT Orlando Brown

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIISeptember 12, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

The SEC needs to step up their game when it comes to recruiting 2014 4-star offensive tackle Orlando Brown.

According to Keith Neibuhr of, Brown is getting a ton of attention, but no program is contacting him more than the Seminoles:

Since Sept. 1, the first day colleges could contact 2014 prospects through mail or online, the 6-feet-9, 360-pound Brown has heard from a long list of schools.

"It's been from all of the SEC, like Alabama and Auburn," Brown said. "And Florida State, Michigan, Ohio State and Clemson. I'm getting a ton of interest and stuff like that. A lot of game invites. The school that has written me the most as far as mail is the same as with a lot of guys. It's Florida State. I get mail from everybody, but I've still got mail from FSU I haven't opened yet because I got so much."

The kid's a junior in high school and he's an incredible 6'9'', 360 pounds. As far as football potential is concerned, the sky is the limit for Brown. Neibuhr reports that Brown has more than 30 offers now, and it's easy to figure out why when you check out those measurables.

Right now, it appears as if Florida State is being the most aggressive in terms of recruiting Brown, and who could blame them? A player his size could be absolutely dominant in the ACC, and that certainly should be a selling point the Seminoles use to recruit Brown.

That said, I'll always maintain that the allure of the SEC is often too much for big time prospects to ignore though. Brown undoubtedly has the size it takes to be a big time offensive lineman in college football, and he'd be a perfect roadblock to use against a dominant SEC defensive lineman.

Yet, it's Florida State who's being the most aggressive? It's time for some SEC school to take a big-time shot at recruiting Brown.

One could only imagine the potential a coach like Nick Saban or Les Miles could unlock if they had the chance to coach this kid. They should be sending Brown a hand-written letter every day. You can't get out-recruited by FSU if you're one of those two coaching giants!

College football recruiting is all about finding players who have the potential to be great.

Successful programs aren't built on signing 5-star players alone. They are built by coaches taking chances on players that have the potential to be superstars at the next level. Brown may not be a 5-star recruit, but at least Florida State realizes that he has 5-star potential.

It's time for somebody from the SEC to get on FSU's level and start recruiting this kid with the same enthusiasm.

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