Lane Kiffin and USC Need to Show 4-Star WR Sebastian LaRue More Love

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 12, 2012


The USC Trojans should be worried about their status with 4-star receiver commit Sebastian LaRue.

According to a report via, the wideout from Santa Monica is feeling a bit neglected by the Trojans now that the season has started:

With so many schools hovering around USC commits and with a few of them wanting to take visits, how hard is SC recruiting the committed Trojans?

"That's a thing I have to pay attention to moving forward," LaRue said. "USC does a decent job at it and I understand that they are focusing on the season, but it is something that I feel is an area that can use some improvement. If there is one area of improvement that would be my area for them [USC coaching staff].

"It's not the same as when they were trying to get me to commit earlier. It is kind of a weird feeling that I am committed, but I haven't talked to my future coaches in awhile.

"There are different outlooks on it, different views on it because everyone feels differently about it."

The report then goes on to state that LaRue is wanting to take official visits to Washington State, Ohio State and Texas A&M.

This is bad news for the USC Trojans.

LaRue is obviously a bit unhappy about the lack of attention he's receiving from USC, and the fact that he's still wanting to look at other schools could mean that he's starting to sway on his commitment .

Remember, nothing is official until National Signing Day, so USC doesn't have him locked up just yet.

A decommit from the speedy and athletic wide receive would hurt the Trojans from a football standpoint, but it could also be costly from a recruiting angle.

His quotes are very telling, and I wouldn't doubt that they raise some flags for potential future recruits. He's essentially saying that USC acts like they are all about you in order to get you in the door, but afterwards they just throw you to the wayside.

That's not the impression a program wants to give their recruits, true or not. Other schools competing with USC for recruits would be smart to bring this quote up and use it against the Trojans.

Lane Kiffin needs to take notice of this and make a concentrated effort to spend some time talking with LaRue, or at the very least have a position coach reach out to him. I understand how hectic life can get in season, especially when you're coaching at USC, but maintaining a strong bond with your commitments is a crucial part of recruiting.

Either way, the fact that LaRue wants to take visits should be worrisome for the Trojans, especially after his comments.

They may have one of the best teams in the land and the best recruiting class, but that doesn't make them invincible.

Losing a player of his caliber would be a big loss for Lane Kiffin's 2013 class, and it could be an even bigger loss for Kiffin as a recruiter.

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