WFAN's Mike Francesa Falls Asleep on Air and It's Simply Adorable

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Mike Francesa fell asleep. 

That fact may not be hilarious any other day, but it certainly was on Tuesday when he was interviewing Yankees beat reporter Sweeny Murti. 

A tip of the hat to Deadspin, who spotted this beautiful moment that we will cherish long past lunch and well into dinner. 

I never thought I would consider Francesa adorable, but here we are. He clearly dozes off slowly and surely, like any grandpa slipping in and out of a nap during reruns of Columbo

In this instance, the part usually played by Peter Falk is now played by Murti, who rambles on and on about the Yankees. It seems Francesa, like the rest of us, is over all of it. 

The best part, and the one that makes this video priceless, comes at the 55-second mark when the host finally wakes up with a look of complete and utter confusion. 

When the hell did I get here and who the hell is yelling in my ear and get off my porch!

Really, he awakens right when Murti says, "Mike." Without that alarm clock of an expression, we would have seen the greatest thing in the history of taping radio broadcasts. 

Imagine the beautiful moment when Murti finishes his Yankees love fest and there is nothing but dead air, and only the soft murmurs of an old man snoring. 

Damn, Murti. Why do you have to be so loud?

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