Benson Henderson and 9 Fighters as Comic Book Characters

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIISeptember 13, 2012

Benson Henderson and 9 Fighters as Comic Book Characters

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    Comic book heroes and MMA fighters are arguably viewed in the same light.

    Glorified for their warrior mentality, fighters and heroes capture the essence of courage. That's why when UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson's manager Malki Kawa announced that Henderson wanted a deal with DC Comics/Marvel, it actually kind of made sense.

    Fighters who are willing to put their livelihoods on the line are sometimes perceived to be invincible—just like heroes in comics. Well, 2012 has certainly debunked that notion, right Dana White?

    Nonetheless, UFC fighters are the closest thing our society has seen to a superhero. So keeping that in mind, here are notable UFC fighters and their superhero counterparts.

Benson Henderson: Mr. Fantastic

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    If Benson Henderson were a superhero, he would have to be Mr. Fantastic.

    Try submitting Henderson inside the Octagon, and you'll see exactly why. Just like Mr. Fantastic, Henderson seems to be able to maneuver his arms, legs and neck as if they were made out of rubber.

    Not convinced? Just ask Donald Cerrone.

    In his first fight with Henderson in the WEC, Cerrone transitioned from one submission move to another and Henderson somehow, someway found a way to survive the attempts.

    He's been nullifying submissions ever since.

Chael Sonnen: The Joker

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    Why so serious?

    In a sport where its champions are ultimately decided by a fistfight in a cage, fighter interviews and pre-hype drama can be rather stale most of the time. After all, this sport's foundation was paved by respect and martial arts.

    Enter Chael P. Sonnen. This guy changed the game as we know it, "forever." With his pre-hype build, Sonnen helped Anderson Silva regain his popularity in MMA, and now, Silva is a hero again.

    He just needed a good villain, and Sonnen was the best villain anyone in this sport could ever ask for. Because of that, Sonnen's counterpart is the greatest villain in comic book history, The Joker.

Dominick Cruz: The Flash

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    Speed kills.

    Dominick Cruz's speed and combinations that he displays in every UFC/WEC bout has been impressive to say the least.

    Nobody in the sport of MMA uses footwork better than Cruz, as it allows him to move in and land strikes untouched.

    Many fans complain about his style, but when you really start to dissect it, it's hard not to be wowed by his striking skills.

    After one really studies his movement, Cruz's elusive style can easily be described as flashy because of the speedy combinations. Therefore, we've come to believe that "F" on his chest in the picture stands for "The Flash."

Anderson Silva: Superman

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    The greatest fighter in MMA history is the only man that can be compared to "The Man of Steel."

    Anderson Silva has never lost a UFC fight, and after defending the belt 11 straight times, he is truly MMA's Superman.

    But he's similar to Superman in more ways than reigning victorious over his enemies.

    For instance, no one would assume that a glasses-wearing Clark Kent would actually be a man flying around saving Metropolis.

    On the other hand, who would ever believe a soft-spoken Brazilian would be the baddest man on the planet?

Jon Jones: Two Face

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    "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain."

    Jon Jones went from being MMA's white knight to a larger than life villain over the course of one year. The cancellation of UFC 151 was just the icing on the cake for this fallen hero.

    You could almost separate Jones' career in two halves. There was the humble yet ultra-talented Jones at the beginning of his career, and soon after his big win against Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Jones became the cocky, arrogant champion.

    Or perhaps he was the same all along and showed his true colors after he won the belt. Either way, it makes Jones an absolutely perfect Two Face.

    Embrace the hate, Jones. It seems to be doing wonders for Josh Koscheck's career.

Anthony Pettis: Spiderman

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    This one's a slam dunk.

    One move will forever define the career of Anthony "Showtime" Pettis, and that was the "Showtime kick" he nailed on Henderson in the fifth round of the last fight in WEC history. 

    As if he were Spiderman, Pettis pushed off of the cage with his right foot, arched his body and kicked Henderson in the face with the same leg he pushed off with.

    It was insane; and it was still to this day the coolest thing I've ever seen in the sports world.

Rousimar Palhares: The Hulk

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    Hulk up, brother.

    There's only one man in the middleweight division with a physique that could rival "The Hulk," and that's Rousimar Palhares.

    Not to mention his celebrations on the cage following (or during) a bout in the UFC are downright scary.

    No wonder why fighters try to prevent Palhares from grabbing their legs. Should he ever turn green in the ring, he might just rip them off completely.

Junior Dos Santos: Colossus

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    Has anybody ever seen Junior dos Santos hurt in a fight?

    There's a perfectly reasonable explanation for this—the guy's Colossus from the X-Men.

    Dos Santos is the best heavyweight in the game right now, and he looks almost invincible.

    With his sharp, technically-sound boxing, solid takedown defense and durable chin, he could be champion for a very long time.

    On fight night, the best chance of beating dos Santos might be to take a bat and clock his head, but even that might not be enough against this spectacular athlete.

Georges St-Pierre: Robocop

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    Georges St-Pierre is a cyborg.

    That's why it was so unbelievable to hear that GSP was injured and couldn't fight. Just like Robocop, GSP is machine-like in the way he talks, but you would never want to double-cross the guy.

    His classic "I am not impressed by your performance" line used against Matt Hughes will forever hold a special place in longtime MMA fans' hearts.

    But just like Robocop did in the comics, GSP eliminated his opponents one-by-one.

Nick Diaz: Batman

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    He's not the hero we deserve, but the one the MMA community needs right now.

    Nick Diaz is not a hero. He's something more. Widely misunderstood, Diaz is one of the few MMA fighters left that actually goes out there and fights to finish his opponent.

    Rather than trying to win enough points to earn himself a decision, Diaz throws caution to the wind and entertains us with his always satisfying bouts.

    Right now, Diaz is "retired," but just like Bruce Wayne returned to his cape in The Dark Knight Rises, Diaz should return to the UFC in hopes of capturing the welterweight championship.

    Perhaps all of these injuries will lure him out of the darkness.