The Program: Notre Dame and Michigan State Game Should Be a Real Fist Fight

Michael FelderNational CFB Lead WriterSeptember 11, 2012

Here at Your Best 11 we've talked plenty about Notre Dame's issues following the Purdue game. However, the Irish are not the only team bringing a bit of an offensive problem into the game.

Michigan State is going to struggle to throw the ball against a BCS team caliber defense, and in Notre Dame you've got a team that will force them to throw to win. Andrew Maxwell of Michigan State is going to have his hands full, and that is going to be quite the match up to watch.

For Notre Dame, solving the riddle of Michigan State's very multiple defensive attack plays will be job one. If they can solve that puzzle and establish the run, they will be in good hands—and make Everett Golson's job easier. With a solid run game, Notre Dame can use their play-action pass game. and that means Tyler Eifert will be a weapon who can terrorize Michigan State's defense.

On the Michigan State side of things, they want to confuse and abuse the Irish offensive line. Do that and they are halfway to a win. The other half will be working Le'Veon Bell until they can take advantage of Notre Dame with eight in the box to throw the football.

The Program takes you through some of the looks you'll see on Saturday, as the Spartans and Fighting Irish play in a game that will likely be quite the fist fight.