NBA All 1990's Draft Picks Vs. All 2000's Draft Picks

Ari Wagner@@Ari_WagnerContributor IMarch 3, 2009

Every draft class has its own talent, its own prospects and its own eventual champions and super-stars. But instead of everyone always breaking down the classes by year as their own respective draft class, I'm going to break them into two teams of 17, by decade.

1990-1999 had players ranging from Gary Payton('90) all the way from Elton Brand('99) and 2000-2008 had players from Michael Redd('00) to Derek Rose('08). Players in the 90's decade have left their mark or are for the most part leaving their last few foot prints in what was great NBA Careers.

The 2000 decade is whom we all know and love today, continuing the growth of not just their own game, but the growth of the NBA.

So who made the cut, and who got snubbed, it was not easy picking through each and every NBA draft to find out, leaving some very quality players out, and having to make decisions on who made the cut.

Starting with the snubs, the players who just barely missed the cut, despite their great NBA game, or players that are too young and have not quite reached the peak to make the list.

The 1990's players who did not make the team:

Gary Payton point guard drafted No. 2 overall in 1990 had a great career with the Seattle Supersonics, and finished it, almost taking home a title in L.A. vs. Detroit in the 2004 NBA finals. He finished his career with 16 points per game and just under 7 assists per contest, quality NBA stats, but just not enough to make the cut.

Baron Davis another point guard drafted No. 3 overall in the 1999 NBA draft. Davis is a quality player, very clutch down the stretch is always filling up the stat lines, but just has not reached the potential that he is worth, and for that I have to leave him off the team as well.

Ray Allen shooting guard drafted No. 5 overall out of UCONN in the 1996 NBA draft. Allen (A.K.A. Jesus Shuttlesworth) is a 21 point per game career scorer who also hits an average of 2.5 three-pointers a game. This guy is a clutch performer and as Dick Vitale would say, he is a real P-T-Per. With all that, and the recent title i still can't give him a spot on the roster.

Steve Smith shooting guard drafted No. 5 overall in 1991, had a very respectable NBA career. Not worthy of the team but definitely worthy of an honorable mention.

Allan Houston selected No. 11 overall in the 1993 NBA draft, played shooting guard for the Ney York Knicks for most of his career. He was a great free-throw shooter, career average of 86 percent from the line and would give 17 points per contest.

Small forward Paul Pierce was drafted No. 10 overall in 1998, this guy is a hard one to leave off the team, but hopefully when you see the actual roster you will know why. Pierce is a career 23 point, 4 assist and 6 rebound per night player. It really hurts to leave him off the final roster.

Elton Brand drafted No. 1overall out of Duke in 1999, still is making his mark in the Association today, but can't find his way on this team. Brand is a career 20 and 10 player who adds 2 blocks per game as well. He is a force down low, and may one day slip on this list when his career is over.

Rasheed Wallace drafted No. 4 out of UNC in 1995, plays power forward for the Detroit Pistons, who he helped bring a title to in 2004. He is a career 15 points and 7 rebounds, and will give you at least 1 three-pointer per game.

Charles Bakrley once said that "Sheed" could be a top-5 player in the NBA if he only played smart. Well, sorry "Sheed", you need to have the night state-of-mind to make this team.


The 2000's players who did not make the cut:

Tony Parker drafted at a very reasonable No. 28 overall in 2001, Parker has the skill set to be on this team, but this decade is full of point guards and Parker does not fit the proper mold, can't keep up with the players who made the team.

Rajon Rondo young point guard drafted by Boston No. 21 overall in 2006. Helped take Boston to the title last year, and the big three are all said to believe that without Rondo was their point they would never have been able to win the championship.

Very good credentials, the big three are all either honorable mentions or on a roster, but even with those guys vouching for you, you still need to produce at the highest level to make this team.

Young super-star on the rise Derrick Rose taken first overall by the bulls in the 2008 draft, has made a splash this year for the rookie of the year, and continues to show promise on the court. He just does not have enough to beat out the point guards that have made the cut.

Michael Redd drafted No. 43 overall, second round pick in 2000, maybe the best second round player on the list. Career 20 point per game scorer adding 2 threes every game. Redd is a very quality player, plays right, plays smart and is level-headed, but with the depth of this decade he barley misses the cut.

Danny Granger taken No. 17 overall in 2005 is an honorable mention only because he has really started to play the last two years. His game will no doubt elevate him to a roster spot sometime in the future unless one of the young guns beat him to it.

Gilbert Arenas (A.K.A. Agent Zero) also taken in the second round at No. 31 in 2001, just misses the cut as well. Sorry Arenas, just take me as another sports writer that slept on you, and I hope you use it as fuel for your game.

OJ Mayo shooting guard out of USC drafted this year at No. 3 overall is just like Derek Rose. Has all the potential in the world and is making a great run at the rookie of the year award, but i cant give him a spot on a 17 man roster for the all decade team.

Caron Butler drafted No. 10 overall in 2002 really stared to show us what he is all about when Arenas went down and he picked up his game, making an all star team. Butler has produced every year he has been around and will continue throughout his entire career.

Rudy Gay drafted No. 8 in 2006, has been in the league only two years and is already making a name for himself. He is a high-flying athlete who can fill up the stat sheet on any given night. This year and last year he is averaging 19 points and 6 rebounds per game.

Carlos Boozer another second round steal picked No. 35 overall in the 2002 NBA draft just barley missed the cut, i had him on, then last minute to cut the roster down to 17 players I had to give him the boot. Boozer makes a strong case at 17 points and 10 rebounds per game, maybe if he gets his stats up to 20 and 10 he will eventually find his way on the team.

LaMarcus Aldridge power forward for the Blazers drafted No. 2 overall in 2006 shows all the right things of one day making it on the team, but today is not that day, and he has a lot of hard work ahead, but still young, like Rudy Gay, he will one day possibly find himself on the team.

Emeka Okafor a No. 2 overall pick in 2004, Center for the Bobcats is a 14 point per game scorer and an astonishing 10.8 rebound per game player. His great rebounding skill and shot blocking ability is what elevated him on this list as an honorable mention.

Greg Oden drafted No. 1 overall in 2007 is not even close to making this team at this stage in his career, but because of his potential and thirst for playing time, i think once healthy, he will make his name and dominate the paint.

Now that you know who did not make the team, some players who obviously should not be on it, and some questionable cuts, here is the rosters for the 1990's draft class and the 2000's draft class.


Starting with the reserves for the 1990's

Jason Kidd drafted No. 2 overall in 1994 shared rookie of the year honors with Grant Hill and has won a few Olympic Gold Medals for the United States. Kidd is a triple-double machine and is a true NBA "gamer."

He comes to play night in and night out, and throughout his career he gives you 14 points, 9 assist and just under 7 rebound per game. Now that is all around play.

Chauncey Billups drafted No. 3 overall by Boston in 1997 makes the team. Billups won the NBA Finals MVP in 2004 when Detroit beat L.A. in 5 games. Billups, nicknamed "Mr. Big Shot" is a very clutch performer and his a leader on the floor. A true General of the court, and is able to get his team to follow his lead.

Anfernee Hardaway drafted No. 3 overall to play along Shaq in the 1993 NBA draft. "Penny" Hardaway was a true high-flyer, he was the Wade of his time, play maker that could get to the rim and finish. He averaged 15 points, 5 assists and just under 2 steals for his career.

Allen Iverson drafted No. 1 overall in 1996, makes the team as a reluctant reserve. Trying to stay true to positions on this roster I had to give a certain player form one of the L.A. teams the nod at shooting guard, even though Iverson is a multiple scoring title holder and a MVP winner who brings 27 points, 6 assists and just over 2 steals a game with his blood and sweat behind every play.

Isaiah Rider drafted No. 5 overall in 1993 and playing in only 9 NBA seasons and making a splash in almost everyone got him a spot as a bench player for the decade team. Rider averaged 17 points per game and 81-percent from the free-throw line.

Vince Carter also taken No. 5 overall in 1998 is a career 24 point per game scorer who can attack the rim better than anyone in the league. He has been a go-to player on every team he has been on every year he has been in the league, Vince is a true superstar in the league today and has earned this spot on the team.

Grant Hill drafted No. 3 overall by the Detroit Pistons out of DUKE in 1994 was the other half of Jason Kidds rookie of the year trophy. He is the parallel for the NBA of Ken Griffey Jr. in the MLB, Hill had all the potential in the world and when healthy he played like the best. But his career was plagued with injury he is still a top performer from the 90's draft class and is well deserved of this spot on the team.

Tracy McGrady taken No. 9 overall in 1997 has emerged as a bright star if the NBA today. A career of 22 points and 6 rebounds a game, who can handle the rock in the closing seconds of the game, pull up and sink the buzzer-beater. McGrady is a quality NBA star.

Kevin Garnett drafted No. 5 overall out of High School in 1995 has performed to his ability every year. He is a model NBA player for any young talent coming into the league and he finally won his first NBA title last year with the Celtics. He gives you passion and great basketball every night he is on the floor.

Dirk Nowitzki taken No. 9 overall in the 1998 NBA draft, has one of the best fade-away jumpers in the game, and can shoot better than any other 7-footer today. He has a pure game from the inside out, and presents a very tough matchup for every team he plays.

Dikembe Mutombo drafted No. 4 overall in 1991 in the backup Center for the team. Averaging just under 3 blocks a game which turns into just under three waives of his finger a game, Mutombo's no fly zone is exactly that. He holds down the paint with force and gives you 11 rebounds every night.

Alonzo Mourning taken second overall in 1992 just after Shaq, is a quality reserve for the team. He has a career average for 17 points, 8.5 rebounds and a hair under 3 blocks per game.


The starting 5 for the 1990's all decade team

Steve Nash drafted No. 15 overall in 1996 has won two MVPs as a member of the Suns. Nash as a serious knack to distribute the ball in the NBA, he can drop 20 dimes at any given time, pull up for a three when you least expect it or drive into the lane and get to the charity stripe, where he shoots a career 90%. He also brings 14 points and 8 assists to the table every night.

Kobe Bryant drafted No. 13 overall by Charlotte then traded to L.A. in 1996 has won three NBA titles and an MVP award. Kobe is the modern day version of Michael Jordan and is the peak performer in the NBA today.

Bryant once dropped 81 on Toronto, the second most points scored by a single player in one game. Bryant is a career 25 point per game scorer, and brings leadership to the team.

Glenn Robinson drafted No. 1 overall in 1994 is the starting small forward for the team. Robinson made big impacts when he played scoring 20 points per game. 

Tim Duncan drafted No. 1 overall in 1997 is the starting power forward. His all decade team mate Shaqulille O'Neal calls him "The Big Fundamental," because everything he does is textbook.  He has won NBA championships and is a true leader as well as a true champion of the sport. Duncan averages 21 points, 12 rebounds and 2.5 blocks per game.

Shaquille O'Neal drafted No. 1 overall out of LSU (Love Shaq University) in the 1999 NBA drat earns the roll as starting center. He is arguably the best center to ever play the game, and can dominate any opponent. Shaq has won 3 titles with L.A. and one title with Miami. O'Neal averages 25 points, 11 rebound and 2.5 blocks per game.

That is the all 90's team, now for the 2000's team, one that is much younger, and players that are still making their way in the NBA right now.


The reserve for the 2000’s all decade team.

Deron Williams drafted at No. 3 overall just before Chris Paul in 2005 makes the team as a back-up point guard, to his counterpart Paul. Williams is a quality NBA player who leads his team to the playoffs every year. Able to dish out 20 assists on a given night and post up 20 points as well. Through his only 4 years in the league he has averaged 16 points and 8.5 assists per game.

Devin Harris point guard drafted No. 5 overall in 2004 has really showed his potential after being dealt by the Mavericks for Jason Kidd. Harris has played well enough, averaging 22 points and almost 7 assists this year along elevated him to the team.

Brandon Roy drafted No. 6 overall by Portland in 2006 has been the talk of the league this year. Elevating his game to a hair under superstar status with 22 points per game this year and a shade under 20 for his career.

Andre Iguodala taken No. 9 overall in 2004 as a shooting guard has been the face of the 76ers franchise ever since the real A.I. left. With 15 points 6 rebounds and 4 assists Iguodala makes this team for his great athletic ability too.

Kevin Durant drafted  No. 2 overall in 2007 is the new young face of the league, currently 4th in scoring in the entire NBA. He can hit from three land, drive inside, defend the basket and on the ball, and can also spot up mid range with lethal accuracy. This guy is the total package, and if it was not for the new number 23 he would be a starter on this team.

Carmelo Anthony drafted third in the famous 2003 draft is a bonafide scorer superstar in the NBA. He has not done much in the playoffs or in any games that actually matter, although he has a gold medal for team USA, he is on the team because of his great offensive threat that he presents every game.

Amare Stoudemire drafted No. 9 overall in 2002 is a player who just missed the cut for a starting spot, it was very close between he and Bosh, but I gave the edge to Bosh just because I think Bosh and Howard would play better off each other than Howard and Soudemire.

Amare is a coin flip from starting on this team and is well deserved. Career stats of 21 points and 9 rebounds.

Al Jefferson taken No. 15 overall by Boston in 2004 then traded for Garnett to the Timberwolves. He has really found a great spot there; he gets 11 rebounds and 22 points per game since going to the Wolves.

Pau Gasol taken No. 3 overall in 2001 by the Grizzlies then traded for nearly nothing to the Lakers.  Gasol is a career 18 and 9 player who brings intensity to every play. Blocks almost 2 shots per game and his very long, leaving the paint closed for business.

Yao Ming drafted No. 1 overall in 2002 is not starting just because of his lack of intensity, he should average at least 12 rebounds a game for his career, yet he doesn't even average 10 rebounds or 20 points. Message to Yao, MAN-UP!

Andrew Bynum drafted No. 10 in 2005 made this list on pure potential, watching up put up 40 points this year was a key factor in him making this team. Only a career 8 point and 6 rebound player, he has averaged around 13.5 points and 9 rebounds per game the last two years.


The starting 5 for the 2000's all decade team

Point guard Chris Paul taken No. 4 overall in the 2005 NBA draft was runner-up to Kobe's MVP last year, and is a true on the floor leader. Paul has averaged 21 points and 11 rebounds the last two years and is always in the top for steals. He has the all time NBA record for most consecutive steals and averaged almost 3 a game the last two years.

Dwyane Wade starting shooting guard drafted No. 5 overall in 2003 by Miami is a perfect fit for this team. He is a scorer but can also distribute for his position, he is able to get inside and shoot from the mid range. Wade is scoring 29 points per game this year and just under 25 for his career, he is also a career 6.6 assist player.

Lebron James drafted No. 1 overall in 2003 is the starting small forward, self-proclaimed chosen one, is arguably the best player in the NBA today. James has really worked on his conditioning and is in the best shape in the NBA.

He can do anything on the court and has worked on his defense enough to be in the talks for 2008-09 defensive player of the year. James is 27.5 points per game, 7 rebounds and just under 7 assists per game for his career.

Chris Bosh taken No. 4 overall also in the 2003 draft is the starting power forward. Bosh has won Olympic Gold for the USA and is a dominant force at his position.  The All-Star power forward averages 19 points and 9 rebounds for his career, but has not scored less than 22 points per game in a season since 2004-05 season.

Starting center for the decade team is Dwight Howard drafted No. 1 overall in 2004 is a defensive beast and an absolute monster on the boards.

Also a member of the Olympic Gold team, he conducts himself like an Olympian should on and off the court. Howard averages 2 blocks per game and 12.5 rebounds for his career and is always leading the league in dunks per game.


That’s the NBA Draft all decade teams for the 90's and the 2000's.


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