Josh McDaniels' Amateur Hour

Football ManiaxsSenior Writer IMarch 3, 2009

It didn't take Josh McDaniels long to make his impact known in Denver.

Reports are coming out that the Broncos contemplated entering into a three-way trade with the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The deal would have sent Matt Cassel to Denver, Jay Cutler to the Buccaneers, and Tampa Bay draft picks to New England.
As a result, Jay Cutler is requesting that he can search for a trade partner. That request was denied. Then the Broncos requested that Cutler meet with them to patch things up. That request was also denied.

So now, you have a star quarterback and organization that aren't talking to one another.
People get sick of athletes crying about trivial matters.

They don't have a lot of sympathy for players who make millions of dollars crying that the organization doesn't love them.

In a day and age where factory workers are being laid off and people are losing their jobs, fans don't want to hear that the Denver Broncos don't love Jay Cutler.

He has a $48 million contract. Many people feel that should be enough love right there...

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