WWE RAW Rewind: Vickie, Rated RKO Play a Dangerous Game

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IMarch 3, 2009

RAW’s broadcast opens up with a recap of the last two weeks involving Triple H, Randy Orton and The McMahons.

In the ring, Jerry Lawler drops a bombshell: Tonight, Edge will face John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship (finally) in a rematch. After the announcement, Chris Jericho shows even more disrespect to the Legends by imitating Roddy Piper and his trademark Piper’s Pit.

We then relive the moment that made Piper’s career involving Superfly Jimmy Snuka and a coconut. After the video footage, Snuka is introduced as Jericho’s guest. Jericho then goes on to insult the WWE Hall of Famer.

He calls him selfish for entering last year’s Royal Rumble and denying young up and comers to enter in their place. Snuka then shows his aggressive side by kicking a chair away from the table.

When Snuka denies Jericho’s demand for him to go home, Jericho starts tossing fruit towards him, but when Snuka is primed to get even, Jericho runs off. But it doesn’t take long for him to return and attack the Legend when his back is turned.

He then takes off his belt and begins to whip the Hall of Famer. After the whipping, Jericho shoves a banana down the throat of Superfly before smirking at the destruction he has caused.


Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Rey Mysterio vs. Mike Knox vs. Kane

Mysterio eliminates Knox early via baseball slide. But as he gets control, Knox comes in and tosses him out of the ring. After Rey is dispatched of, Kane and Knox knock each other down with a pair of huge boots to the mouth.

Back in the ring, Knox has a huge backbreaker on Mysterio. As Mysterio gets momentum, Kane grabs his leg and launches him out of the ring. Now the two monsters start battling it out as Mysterio lays prone on the outside.

Mysterio returns to the ring and drops Knox with a modified DDT. As Kane tries to regain his composure, Mysterio drops Knox with another DDT. Rey nails the 619 followed by the West Coast Splash, but Knox breaks up the pinfall.

After hitting the Knox Landing, Knox gets leveled with a choke slam, and Kane gets the pin to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania.

After the bell, Kane finishes the job and choke slams Rey Mysterio as well.


Back on the program, we relive another historic Wrestlemania moment involving the Iron Man Match from Wrestlemania XII. After the video package, Shawn Michaels makes it clear to Vladimir Kozlov that there is a reason why he is the Showstopper, the Main Event.


Kelly Kelly & Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix & Jillian Hall

Before the bell, Maryse and Melina both are at the announcer’s table. In the ring, Beth Phoenix shows her power on poor Kelly Kelly. On the outside, Maryse claims that she can beat Beth Phoenix in five minutes. Back in the ring, Mickie is taking care of business on Jillian and Beth.

Kelly Kelly comes into the ring and gets the upset pinfall, but on the outside, the Divas Champion drops the Women’s Champion with a DDT on the outside.


Intermission: Randy Orton’s Championship Decision

After watching the video package, Randy Orton comes down…with Legacy…and lawyers…and law enforcement in tow.

As the ring fills with Orton’s entourage, Orton makes his decision: He will face the winner of the Edge-Cena match at Wrestlemania. The reason? Because according to Orton, Triple H is going to jail, because he is pressing charges on Triple H for last week’s actions. He then calls out the WWE Champion and tells him that he is going away for a very long time.

With that, Triple H makes his way down to the ring…but he doesn’t come alone. The Game makes his way to the entrance ramp with his trusty sledgehammer on his shoulder. As Hunter walks to the ring, the law enforcement blocks his way to the ring.

After dropping the hammer, Triple H makes it clear that since he has taken out every member of the McMahon Family, he needs to beat him for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania.

The reason? One word: Evolution.

Triple H tells him that he was one shot to avenge that one fateful night…but instead, he runs away. He calls Orton the same kid that was carrying his bags in Evolution. The lawyer then tells him that he has nothing more to say to him.

As security pulls Triple H out of the ring, Orton decides to change his mind and will face The Game at Wrestlemania. Orton accepts Hunter’s challenge…but Hunter can not touch him until Wrestlemania.

So as Randy Orton tries to goad Hunter into a fight, Triple H comes back into the ring and tells him that he intends to break his neck at Wrestlemania. As Hunter walks away, his friend HBK begins to head to the ring for his match with Vladimir Kozlov.


Match to Determine Undertaker’s Opponent @ Wrestlemania 25

Shawn Michaels vs. Vladimir Kozlov

Kozlov shows his true strength right off the bat as Kozlov tosses Michaels around like a rag doll. In the corner, Kozlov continues showing that power as he power slams him to the ground and follows it up with a backbreaker.

Kozlov has HBK in a modified torture rack, but HBK fights his way out of the submission only to get dropped with an elbow drop. Michaels fights his way out of a bear hug, but is unable to fully capitalize on the escape due to the pressure added to his back. Kozlov hits the battering ram, but HBK manages to kick out of the pin attempt.

But Shawn manages to break a belly to belly attempt, Michaels counters and lands the Flying Elbow. Afterwards, Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music to get the first ever pinfall victory over Vladimir Kozlov and earn a spot against The Deadman at Wrestlemania.

After the bell, The Deadman comes out to stare eye to eye with his Wrestlemania opponent.


Intermission: Next Entrant in 2009 WWE Hall of Fame

As we take a look at John Cena’s upcoming movie 12 Rounds, we also get an in-depth look at Danny Fisher. We also find out who is the next inductee in this year’s Hall of Fame Class: Former WCW Executive and WWE Champion, “Cowboy” Bill Watts!

Back on the program, a cocky Edge makes it clear that he wanted to do this in Cena’s backyard. With that, Edge walks away and heads to the ring for his fight with the Beantown Native.


Main Event

World Heavyweight Championship

John Cena vs. Edge

Edge tries to get control, but Cena tosses him over the top rope. Back in the ring, Edge continues to apply the pressure to the former World Heavyweight Champion. But Cena starts fighting back with the Beantown Bomb.

But Edge manages to block the 5-Knuckle Shuffle and counters the Attitude Adjustment with an Edgecution. Edge nails a stiff kick and lands the Edgeucator, but Cena manages to kick out. As Cena tries to land the Adjustment off the top rope, Edge knocks him off the top to the ground below.

But Cena manages to get back in the ring before the 10-Count and lands the Throwback followed by the 5-Knuckle Shuffle.

But Edge counters again and applies a leg lock. After Cena makes it to the ropes, Edge preps for the Spear. Cena counters the spear and locks in the STF, only to have Edge reach the ropes and deliver the spear, but Cena manages to kick out. Edge grabs the championship belt, and as Cena goes for another Adjustment, Edge clocks Cena with the gold, causing the disqualification.

As Edge celebrates the retainment, Big Show comes out along with Vickie Guerrero. Guerrero then goes on and announces the No. 1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania: The Big Show.

As Edge looks around in disbelief, Cena holds his head in his hands as RAW goes off the air.


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