Make Him Bleed and You'll See Just How Dangerous D-Wade Can Be

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMarch 2, 2009

On his way to finishing a crazy week of great performances, D-Wade provided his fans with yet another.

Earlier in the week Flash had set career highs, first in scoring with 50 points in one game, then in assists in another game; dishing out 16 (he also had a career high 7 steals last night).

Wade had also scored or assisted on 59 percent of Miami's baskets in the four games prior to facing the Knicks, averaging 37 points, according to

However, just when you thought he was done, you were wrong.

With blood on his face from a busted lip (caused by an elbow from New York's Danilo Gallinari) D-Wade turned into a wild man.

In the game against the Knicks Saturday night, Dwyane hit harder as Miami was down by 15 points—scoring 15 points himself as the Heat went on a 19-0 run.

Wade changed everything in the final nine minutes of the game and there was nothing the Knicks could do about it as they lost to the Heat 120-115.

Flash scored 46 points overall; 24 of which came in the fourth quarter, after he saw red.

As he looked to the lights and yelled "This is my house" during the game, everyone could see the fire in his eyes.

After a performance like that, no one could deny it.

However, will the whole NBA now be D-Wade's house?

Will he out-shine Kobe and LeBron?

In time we will know.