Iowa Hawkeyes: Who Should Take the Last Shot in Crunch Time?

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Iowa Hawkeyes: Who Should Take the Last Shot in Crunch Time?
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In 2010, LeBron James and ESPN teamed together to create one of the most controversial and disputatious events of the new decade—The Decision.

If there were ever a time when the Internet might explode, it was at that very asinine moment after "The King" explained a dream that convinced him "taking his talents to South Beach" was the best decision for his career.

After the sweat poured through his picnic decor button down shirt and millions of shirseys (i.e. Jersey Shirts) lay dormant as ashes, the hour long, self-promotional video became the only topic to be discussed by sports media.

Only the natural gifts of the one they call, Tebow, could put LeBron and The Decision to rest.

Still, The Decision was the focal point to some of the most elongated, yelling matches among the most hypocritical talking heads in the country (yes, I'm looking at you Skip; even though I love your satirical and inane comical act) for two entire NBA seasons.

Every episode of SportsCenter, First Take and SportsNite led off with headlines such as, "Will LeBron win in Miami?", or "Will the world root for LBJ?" and even "Will Cleveland all collectively jump off "The Q's" roof?" OK, I made that last one up.

One of the most stressed questions among them was the offseason time filler: Who will take the last shot with the game on the line? That very question seems to awake the masses, unless you are a Bobcats fan because really, who cares?

But what about the nation's favorite collegiate basketball team, the Iowa Hawkeyes? Gone (to Spain) is their No. 1 option and left behind is a hodge podge of unproven options/talent that will look to take over the "Gatens" roll for White Magic.

So who's in line to take over? Whose ball is it in crunch time? Will there be a controversy among the team? Who's going to step up and demand the rock with only seconds left on the road and a ruckus crowd at their back?

Hint: It's not Eric May.

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