The 2008-09 B/R College Football National Championship

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IMarch 3, 2009


Welcome friends to the long awaited article that will finally decide the 2008-2009 B/R College Football Champion.

For nearly a month I have posted these articles calling for the writers of B/R to express their esteemed opinions.

The playoffs were vigorous, full of surprises, and there were victories by substantial margins. Before we commence, let us re-cap the entire playoffs.


(1) Florida defeated (8) Penn State, 77.9% of the votes.

(7) TCU defeated (2) Utah, 62.9% of the votes.

(6) Alabama defeated (3) USC, 59.2% of the votes.

(5) Oklahoma defeated (4) Texas, 70.2% of the votes.


(7) TCU defeated (1) Florida, 80.2% of the votes.

(6) Alabama defeated (5) Oklahoma, 84.6% of the votes.

That brings us to the final teams remaining. These two teams received such a boost from the fan base and BLEW OUT their respective competitors in the semifinals.

Alas, the moment is upon us. It is time to crown the B/R College Football Champion.

The B/R National Championship Game

(7) TCU Horned Frogs vs. (6) Alabama Crimson Tide

What to watch when TCU is on offense....

When TCU has the ball, look for some serious ball control tactics. The best way to keep the score close is to keep Alabama's offense off the field.

I don't expect quarterback Andy Dalton to be slinging the ball around very much. That running game is going to need to step up.

Alabama's defense will most certainly bring pressure whenever TCU does decide to pass. The 'Bama corners are far superior to the TCU receivers, therefore press coverage will most likely be used.

That TCU offensive line is the biggest key to the entire game. If they hold on, TCU just may have a chance.

If they crumble, kiss the championship good-bye.

What to watch when Alabama is on offense....

Julio Jones is going to get the green light on this defense. It is no easy feat trying to outsmart the No.1 defense in the nation. So I would imagine Nick Saban will tell Jones to run whatever they give him, and then some.

John Parker Wilson will have to play within himself, not the Alabama gunslinger he tends to be when things get rough. If he starts testing these corners, he will find out why they are the No.1 defense in the nation.

Glenn Coffee will be used to control the clock and make sure Cinderella doesn't gain too much confidence going into the fourth quarter.

TCU will likely respect Alabama's speed; after all they did stop Florida in the semifinals. By keeping the plays in front of them, they will limit critical mistakes that will lead to huge plays.

My Pick

The last time Alabama was matched up with a Mountain West school, they got the crap beaten out of them. They will NOT overlook TCU in this game.

TCU has heart and guts. Something that is priceless in college football.

The game is close going into halftime. Unfortunately for TCU, I think Alabama has far more endurance, and a couple of big drives deflate that intensity TCU had in the first half.

John Parker Wilson throws a late touchdown to seal the deal as Alabama wins the title.

Alabama  27
TCU       17

Of course my prediction means nothing—you decide the real champion!

The Championship will receive 5 days of official voting time. At the end of the fifth day the voting will be closed.